May Winners!

This month, I'm giving away FIFTY of my button pony tailers (single) to the first FIFTY people who do this:

1.  Like Sweet Floweret on FB
2.  Follow Sweet Floweret on Google Friend connect
3.  Email me their address so that I can send the pony tailer

Here is a list of people who are receiving their free button pony tailer from me.  If you don't see your name make sure that you completed all three requirements above!
1.   Jessica L.
2.  Mindie H.
3.  Tricia A.
4.  Kelly B.
5.  Rita M.
6. Cathy K.
7. Natalie D.
8. Jodi L.
9. Polly W.
10. Kacy H.
11. Theresa P.
12. Laura W.
13. Tara R.
14. Rachel K.
15. Vanessa R.
16. Alissa B.
17. Sherri S.
18. Mandy M.
19. Whitney C.
20. Andrea W.
21. Astrid S.
22. Stephanie H.
23. Elizabeth K.
24. Melanie D.
25. Jen T.
26. Tricia
27. Angela B.

Thanks ;)

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