About Me

Thanks for taking time to check out this blog.  I hope that you find some interesting things here.  I post tutorials, recipes, things that I like,  and share my outlooks and viewpoints (I try to do so with some humor on the side!).
Ten things about me...
1:  Jesus Follower.  I love God.  I (try very hard to) love His people.  I love His church (and my church, too!).  I love serving in the woman's ministry at our church.
2:  Wife.  I married the love of my life over a decade ago.  I couldn't imagine loving someone more.  He's the best and he's so supportive of me.

3:  Mom ;)  I have three little darlin's.  What can I say?  They bring me so much joy.

4: I love to create fun things and share them on this blog and my etsy shop!  I adore comments.  Please leave me one if you have something to say.  It really does make my day to hear from people who read this.  I'm humbled that you'd take your time to read this blog with all of the other amazing blogs out there!
5:  I do Power point consulting.  I have been doing this since I started my life as a stay at home mom nearly seven years ago.  Not the most exciting thing, but every little bit helps!
6:  I really enjoy making silly movies.  Here's my youtube channel :)   If there were a Christian SNL, I'd want to be on it.
7.  I LOVE making people laugh.
8.  I like to read, run, do the Sunday crossword, hang out with friends, watch movies, and, when asked, share my opinion (I try real hard to wait until I'm asked).
9. I've lived in 13 different homes and went to 13 different schools growing up.  I grew up bouncing around a lot, and now, if I'm in one place for too long, I get antsy!  My husband grew up in ONE home and went to ONE school! It is true.  Opposites attract.
10.  My 2 year old has been asking me for an hour to come play with him and his lincoln logs so number 10 is going to have to wait for now.

Shoot me an email anytime!  sweetfloweret@gmail.com
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