Friday, April 13, 2012

Insta Friday! The intruder, the goose and the moon

I love insta friday because it's a display of random pictures taken with your phone.  It's a peek inside the norm of the everyday. 

Have you ever been walking through your home and your eye catches something and you think someone is there so you scream?  Yea.  Here's my intruder.   Mr. Oreck.

Last week, my girl had a date with her aunt, so me and my guys went on a date of our own... 

 Frozen yogurt!  She put every single candy topping they had to offer on hers. 

 Easter egg "hunt" at the grocery store...  See my little bunny?

 And, go!

Easter Monday the kids were off school so I took them to a nature center we like to visit.  The structure is a blast from the past.  I expected to see Beaver Cleaver walking in. 

I despise geese, but I think that I despise stuffed geese even more.
 This has got to be the creepiest thing. ever.  It's even got it's "hissing face" on.

I thought these were too funny not to share... 
I think the character in the upper left KINDA looks female?

 I'm glad that if my girl went to the moon "she wood tell" me about it.

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  1. I'm visiting from Life Rearranged. The pictures from your daughter's class are hilarious!
    I agree with the goose comment...creepy!
    Happy Friday!

  2. New follower from Life.Rearranged. LOVE the pics your little one drew and the teachers note. Too funny! And ewww.. stuffed animals (real life ones) are just icky.

  3. Mr. Oreck! Ha! Hilarious! Love the go! egg hunt pic! It perfectly captured that frenzied moment!

  4. Loved the from InstaFridays! Great to meet you!

  5. It is fun to have a peek inside your home and life.

    I am hopping over from UBP. Happy party week.


  6. i am a new follower from the party i hope you'll check out my blog follow and comment!


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