Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter weekend happenings at our house

The weekend was beautiful in every way.  First up, my seven year old son finally learned to ride his bike without training wheels!  We bought him his big bike last week, and with just two practice runs with dad holding on to the seat, he's off on his own.  He came home and screamed, "I am awesome!" at least 20 times after riding around the block on his own.  His self confidence is growing, wouldn't you say?

 On Friday, after attending an amazing Good Friday service at church, we colored our eggs...

 Every year, we make these cookies which are a tradition on my husbands side of the family.  They are called Pupa Cu L'ova (or Italian Easter Basket Cookies).
You actually bake them with a hard boiled egg on top.  When they're done cooking, you put icing and sprinkles on top!  I've grown to like them ;)
 This girl.  She's always laughing and making us laugh.
 Easter morning egg hunt around the house...
 The goods...
 So yea.  You're not actually supposed to eat the egg (or the shell) when you eat the cookie.  You're supposed to take it off first ;)  My mom made the same mistake 14 years ago.  We still laugh about it.
 My husband made this cross that hangs on our house Easter week.  Jesus Lives!  Amen!
 Like this!
 Easter egg hunt at aunties! 
 My niece.   She's such a character.
Easter Monday.  Separating the swag.  My girl is in sugar coma heaven.   Last night she had a sugar freak out like none I've ever seen.  She laughed at nothing for at least 15 minutes straight while running around the house in every which way.  Then, she crashed on the couch. 

Now that Easter has passed, we're counting down the days till school is out.  32 more school days!  Woo hoo!
Today, my little one woke up with a 102 fever.  That means a day to stay home, rest, and take it easy.   I'm OK with that!  Have a wonderful day, friends ;) 


  1. Love your purse behind Ella! Are you making those for friends to purchase????? Happy Easter!!

    1. Good product placement, eh?
      Ha :) I make them only for friends who used to be neighbors. What a coincidence!

  2. Let me know the cost - LOVE those fabrics!!!


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