Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday-Summer in Spring Edition

I haven't done this in a while!  Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday!
It's been summer in winter here in Chicagoland and that means warm weather clothing and sandals!  Woo hoo!  Because it's way too much work to pull out the summer bin, I bought a couple of new things to celebrate the early arrival of warmer temps ;) ha.
Sweater and shirt, Old Navy*Jeans-Bitten-Thrift*Shoes-Indigo by Clarks (see below)

I love this shirt.  It was on clearance at Old Navy this week for around $8 and the sweater is on sale for $15.
My new sandals!

Warmer weather means my hair has a little more bounce.   In this pic I used Bumble South Surf Spray.  The stuff is great.  You spray it on when your hair is damp and scrunch a little bit.  I then spray with some light hair spray to hold the waves. 

In this pic I used the overnight hair curling method where you twist the hair around a headband, sleep on it and take it out.  The curls are much tighter.  I looked slightly electrocuted but the curl stayed all day and was a fun change!  Here's a link to the video tute on how to do this.

As far as shoes, I bought two pair on 6pm for less than I would've paid for one in the dept stores.  6pm has got to be one of my favorite websites.

These are indigo by clark brand.  They were 60% off!  So cute and SUPER comfortable.  Here's the link to the shop.

These are Franco Sarto Nikita.  Apparently they are gone because there's no link for them anymore.  They are so cute on.  Not as comfy as the black clarks but really stylish and fun.
Thanks for visiting ;)  Hope to see you again soon!
To see other ladies who are sharing what they're wearing, click on the boxes below!  It's fun to get ideas!
pleated poppy
Momma Go Round


  1. Had to look twice before I realized the pic below your article was NOT, in fact, a nun participating in "What I Wore Wednesday".

  2. The no heat hair curl with headband is my very favorite way to do my 7 yr old's hair and it never fails to turn out beautifully each time. I have learned to use larger sections of hair around the front as not to create too tight of curls. Your tank (or is it a tee) is super cute!

    1. Christine! I've missed your comments ;)
      This last time I did my hair I used an elastic headband which was much tighter to my head than what I usually use.

  3. love your outfit. those shoes are great... i LOVE wedges in the summertime!

  4. That top is really cute! I like how it's flowy and loose.

    I'd love it if you checked me out, and if you like what you read, I'd appreciated a follow back. Thanks!

  5. Love the wavy hair, I need to try that bumble stuff! My hair is pretty curly, so I like finding products that help with the friziness, would this help do you think?


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