Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trip to the Zoo and Talking with the Animals

We went to the zoo yesterday.  It was a bit cold, but we had a lot of fun.  The animals were quite chatty...

And here are pics of my little monkeys...  And cheetahs... and zebras... and tigers...
Not sure how the cheetah felt upon seeing ella in her cheetah jacket...


polar bears everywhere!

fun coloring faces...

craft fun! 

I'm not sure the alligator is real.  Every time we go, he's in the exact same spot.

My monkeys!

Sweet big bro pushing his sibs.

I love this face.

And this one.  Especially with the pb cheek.

And this fierce little.




We always wrap up our visit on the carousel.

Cray cray.

Today is "get stuff done around the house" day but tomorrow we're going to have more fun ;)
Have a wonderful day!


  1. HILARIOUS!!!!!! Thank you for the laugh this am!! AND that cheetah jacket is AMAZE!! MUST get one for Julia!!!!!!!!! Since it's spring maybe I can find one on clearance...hm...

  2. Was on the floor laughing :) Great pictures! Gina

  3. Haha, that first photo - hilarious

  4. fabulous pics and commentary! Thanks for the smiles. Trying to plan fun for my kiddos break next week . . . you inspire me! :)

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