Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our adventure in the Canyons. Illinois style.

Our next spring break adventure... Starved Rock state park.  We'd never been there and I've always wanted to go.  One reason is I wanted to see it to believe it.  Canyons in ILLINOIS?  No way.  But alas, it is true and we were so pleasantly surprised by our little hiking time together.

For one thing, the kids are old enough now to walk around for a while without asking to be held every 10 minutes.  That in itself was amazing.
Other than the gas it cost to get there, our adventure was free!   


I bought these shoes on Tuesday.  What was I thinking?

Tossing rocks into the water... Still one of their fave things to do...

I couldn't look at the camera for fear of losing my balance.

Lunch at the Cafe Odyssey

Fish spotting
Something's in the water!
my cutie pie

Her "golden rock" got wet and the "gold" didn't show anymore...

Still sulking...

Gathering rocks to throw into the water

me and my darlin's

Cute little frog

This guy was a champ.  His little legs walked nearly the entire time without complaint!


Daddy to the rescue.  Lots of little waterways to cross during our walk.


Check out his sweatshirt pouch.  His new collection of "gold" rocks.  He also acquired a mustache along the way. ha.
Lesson learned...
*Bring a change of clothing for everyone.
*Even though no one is in diapers, always have wet wipes on hand.
*Even though there are countless rocks everywhere, kids still fight over that "one".   Can I get an AMEN?

A day spent in God's beautiful creation works wonders for the soul. 

(How Great Thou Art-2nd Stanza)
When through the woods and forest glades I wander
And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees;
When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur
And hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze;
Then sings my soul, my Saviour God to Thee; How great Thou art!
How great Thou art! Then sings my soul, my Saviour God to Thee;
How great Thou art! How great Thou art!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How To Get Your Kids to Sit Still for A Photo?

I hope you didn't come here today for advice on how to get your kids to sit still for a photo because I'm asking, not telling ;)  As you'll see from my photos below, my youngest foiled the plans (again!).

Spring break day 2.  
Tuesday we decided to stick around and get some things done around the house.  I took my girl on an afternoon ice cream date and for dinner we went to my favorite Mediterranean restaurant;  big treat for me because we rarely go out for dinner all together and not cooking in the middle of the week is a great break!

The afternoon was gorgeous so I decided to get the camera out and try to take some pics of the kids playing.
We hear Drew crying because he fell off of his scooter...

Look at that face!  He scraped his upper lip ;(  I consoled him before taking the pick lest you think I'm a completely horrid mom!
Oh my gosh.  I LOVE this picture and it breaks my heart at the same time.  Poor little.
5 seconds later...
The next set of pictures took me back on a trip to memory lane when I tried to get a cute Christmas picture of the three kids.  My youngest WOULDN'T have it.  Here are a few gems.

 My youngest is a charmer.  He's sweet, and good and tender.  But he is NOT, I repeat, NOT good at posing for the camera.  At least he isn't crying his head off anymore.

 This one turned out OK.
 And how cute are they that they kissed their sister's cheek on demand?  ;)

 Ah, kids!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trip to the Zoo and Talking with the Animals

We went to the zoo yesterday.  It was a bit cold, but we had a lot of fun.  The animals were quite chatty...

And here are pics of my little monkeys...  And cheetahs... and zebras... and tigers...
Not sure how the cheetah felt upon seeing ella in her cheetah jacket...


polar bears everywhere!

fun coloring faces...

craft fun! 

I'm not sure the alligator is real.  Every time we go, he's in the exact same spot.

My monkeys!

Sweet big bro pushing his sibs.

I love this face.

And this one.  Especially with the pb cheek.

And this fierce little.




We always wrap up our visit on the carousel.

Cray cray.

Today is "get stuff done around the house" day but tomorrow we're going to have more fun ;)
Have a wonderful day!
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