Friday, February 24, 2012

Tips for My Single Friend on Eharmony

My good friend, Lina, announced on her blog today (Living with Power-Biblical Truth for Everyday Life) that in a moment of Valentines day weakness, she joined eHarmony.  She has three weeks to find the love of her life.  In an effort to be the greatest friend that I can be, I thought I would provide her with a list of 15 things that she should add or remove from her eHarmony posting to increase her pool of suitors (she loves lists).  Suitors-I've been watching too much Downton Abby.

Although these are pretty particular to my home girl,  other singles might benefit from some of these tips, too ;)

  1. Keep that you like watching football.  Remove that you're a Green Bay packer fan.
  2. Remove the word "gal" from anything describing yourself (e.g.  "I'm a Midwestern gal with a flair for ….")
  3. Remove the word "cuddle"  (oh wait, I forgot how much you are not a hug hugger).
  4. Remove the word "cosmopolitan".  It sounds like you like to drink rather than that you embrace multicultural demographics.
  5. Add that you love the movie Nacho Libre. 
  6. Keep that you can speak 5 languages.  Remove that one of those languages is the language of "love".
  7. Remove the line, "I prescribe narcotics and I'm not afraid to use them!"
  8. Remove that you took a Downton Abbey character quiz and that you were Lord Grantham.  It sounds weird.
  9. Remove that your favorite sushi roll is called  "Dirty Old Man" unless that's the kind of man you want to marry  (then maybe you should keep it).
  10. Remove that you are super sensitive to smells.  Guys smell.
  11. Remove that your favorite song is "I can't dance, I can't sing" by Genesis (or any song by Genesis for that matter).
  12. Add that you are working out using "plyometrics".  It sounds cool and it's true.
  13.  Remove that you've become a pro at driving with your knees instead of your hands.
  14. Add that you may not be able to sew a button onto clothing but you can sew up a wound with the best of them.
  15. Add that you have a motorcycle (yea, I know it's a scooter but you're Lebanese and can say it was an honest mistake later).

Other than that, I think you're good.  Scratch that.  You're a-mazing and it will take a super special guy to deserve your Lebanese love.

Love you!  Beeg hug, leetle kees


  1. Genesis was a great band, Tina - a great band! ;) Very cute and funny. Point 15 is my fav.

    1. Right, Jennine. WAS a great band. Past tense! ha.

  2. hysterical but SO right on! :) You ladies crack me up! ALL the best to her on this new "30 day" journey :)


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