Thursday, February 9, 2012

Free Valentine Mad Lib Printable

Because I know many of you need a little help in writing your loved one a note this Valentines Day, I thought I'd do the hard work for you, leaving you the more important bits to fill in.Your bff4evr, honey bun, chicken noodle, pumpkin pie, apple blossom will be thrilled to get a note from you filled with so much thought and inspiration.

Here's the Valentine Mad Lib for you to download (click on picture).  It's free but takes approx 20 seconds from the site.
Enjoy, love birds.  It's fun.  I just tested it out on my husband--- "and only when we're together do I have that dark feeling that everything is going to be spills."  Ah.  Love.

Click here to download


  1. I kinda think the parts of speech are scrambled...? Cute idea, though!!

  2. Thanks, Katie. I found an adjective that should've been a noun ;) Updated the download.


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