Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boy Valentine & Easy (and cheap) Valentine Decor Idea

In my last Valentine post I showed you the girl classroom valentine we're using this year.  As promised, here's the boy version.  Like I mentioned in my last post, I found a TON of great stuff at Michaels in the "Christmas Stocking" clearance bin for a mere .10 apiece!  I was thrilled to find these wooden peg games were included.
Nothing says I love you like a peg game ;)
I tried to come up with a cute line (but I figure first graders don't get the lines anyway), made a text box in ppt, printed them up and voila... Valentine for boys.

And for more Valentine fun...
Here's a little decoration that my 5yo daughter made for our kitchen.

I bought three packs of heart sticks from the dollar store as well as a bag of conversation hearts.  My grandma gave me the jelly jars.  Pute em' all together and you get a cute little festive for the pass through for less than $5 (only 1.20 per jar.  not too shabs.  Yes, I just shortened the word shabby.  It's the "in thing" to shorten words, didn't you know)! 


  1. Love the 'pegged' line! Definitely a fun boy valentine!

  2. I saw those hearts and almost made a heart topiary. I just made the egg one and it took a lot more eggs than I ever imagined ;) Love it! Easy peasy :)


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