Friday, January 13, 2012

Insta Friday!

 Friday is here!  It's a snow day! 
Here are my cell phone pics of the week.
My girl got her first "real" haircut at the salon by her auntie Cat.  The boys are waiting patiently ;)
First time roller skating.  Doing the hokey pokey!
"Roger, Roger.  What's your vector, Victor?"  What they hay is with the giant headphones at the library?  Hilarious.
Scooter riding it up on a gorgeous winter yet springlike day.

My husband got these weird "lobster" gloves for bike riding in the winter.

Not a very manly place to take a rest, but better than the leopard print chair, I guess.

Wednesday-50 degrees and sunny....
Thursday-30 degrees and snowy!  Love Chicago seasons.

Finally got to wear my new Sorels!  First pair of GOOD winter snow boots.  Wish I would've invested earlier.
Short but sweet.  Gotta get three kids bundled to play outside!
Have a great weekend.

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  1. lol @ the big headphones... too funny!
    Nice boots!! Enjoy the snow!

    Happy Friday!


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