Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fab Jewelry Finds

Check out these fabulous statement pieces I stumbled upon while working super hard on the computer (snicker)... Actually, since the kids are back in school it's been way too quiet around here.  I still have my littlest but he has no one to tattle on and therefore minds himself.   He'll probably tattle on me later.
I was smitten by some of these pieces and thought I'd share.  They look really expensive but most are from-drumroll please-JC Penney!  Wowee.  I've been hearing that Penney's is trying to reinvent and from the looks of these beauties, I'd have to say I like the improvements!

Boo-This one isn't available-Was on clearance for 12.50!

I think this one is my fav.  You could wear it with anything-dress up a tshirt, black dress, tank in the summer-you get the point ;)  $25.

This one is gorgeous!  It's only $15!

Bracelet-under $10

I really like the braided bracelet trend right now....


Aren't these fun?  $15 for all. 
Another JCPenney find.  I like it but would probably remove the charms.  Can't beat $6.

Yea, so that's what I spent a half an hour doing this afternoon ;)  Figuring out ways to spend my lil' bit of Christmas money!   How are you getting back into the swing?

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