Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Too many kids...

I only have three kids and when I tell people that they say, "WOW, three?"  Really?  Three is now considered a "WOW" number of kids?

The following comments are as much to myself as to anyone else who has ever had the notion that a family has "TOO MANY" kids.

If you know someone who is pregnant and already has the number of kids you deem "enough" keep it to yourself.  Instead, congratulate them.  If they're your friend, support them.  Encourage them.
Did you know that children are a gift from the Lord?  Whether its the 2nd born or 10th, still a blessing.

So what if they need to buy a bigger car or perhaps a conversion van?  It's a car.  And you don't have to drive it.  Or put gas in it.  So why are you concerned?
So what if they need to put two or THREE kids in one room (gasp!)?
So what if they can't buy as many Christmas presents or have to dress their kids in hand-me-downs?
How are they going to pay for 4, 5, 6 college educations?  Guess what?  They don't have to worry about that for EIGHTEEN years.  Let them get that van paid off first.

Am I done having kids?  My friend was "done" three kids ago and here she is with five.  I think God changed her mind for her ;)

Next time you see a mom with her oodles of kids at church, or in the store or wherever, resist the urge to say, "boy, you have your hands full!"  say instead, "wow!  you've been quadruply blessed!"  It will remind them of that fact-especially if they are in the process of searching for kid #4 who ran off.  Moms don't need to be reminded that they have their hands full.  They need encouragement.

To my friend who just found out she's pregnant with her fourth, I congratulate you.  You make super cute kids and I'm glad there will be another one running around soon ;)  Soon enough, you will be holding that little one in your arms and wonder how you ever lived without him/ her!  I think you'd feel that way if it was your 2nd or 10th.

Do you have a full quiver?  I'd love to hear from you.  What crazy comments have you received at the store or from someone in regards to the number of kids you have?

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.  (Psalms 127:3-5 ESV)

my little people.


  1. This is an interesting topic, as I think the times have changed so dramatically. When I look at our parents' generation, they were mostly one of MANY kids (seems 11 was a common number back then). Now, people are having far less kids, and having anything close to 11 is considered extreme.

    I am certainly happy with 2, but like you said, as long as you do not have to deal with them, to each their own, right?

    As someone who does only have 2 though, it is difficult for me personally to understand the desire to or energy for having numerous kids, but everyone is different, and it is truly a personal decision.

    With anything nowadays, I think people are way too free to say whatever comes to mind, and sometimes a little tact can go a long way. ;) Some things are better left unsaid.

  2. Thanks Tina. Appreciate these words.

  3. This is seriously one of my pet peeves. I have been getting comments after announcing I am pregnant with our second. Apparently I am too young to have 2 children already. (I'm 24.)

    Now I understand why mothers always seem so surprised and appreciative when I comment on their kids at the mall or something. They're happy for a positive comment, for once!

  4. I agree! I have three, and even though our third was from God (birth control didn't work!) I can't stand when I get comments about me being crazy to have three. BUT, I also joke that three is a crowd when people talk about having a third. HA! I think it all depends on how a person comes accross, and how well you know them. Great post!

  5. THanks for your words of wisdome Tina. I have definitely encountered all of the above. But, the funniest one that made laugh was when I was in labor with #5 and the nurse asked me if it was my first. To her defense, I was 29 and I had braces at the time so maybe I looked younger. But, when I told her it was our fifth, she gasped and said...When did you start having kids, when you were twelve?!?! She was dead serious. It is funny the things people say. Really. The people that count my children as we go through the store. Or, the well meaning people that ask if we've figured out how these "things" happen. But, I have found in my 11 years as a mom that there is no perfect number for all, only what you feel God has placed on your heart. And, honestly, I don't know if we are truly "done." I really have a desire to adopt from Thailand, Lord willing. Thanks again for your post!

  6. I love this post! I saw it on VB and came to read more. I have three kids myself, a 3 1/2 yr old, a 2 year old and 5 month old. I get comments all the time on being over eager with my husband or get questions about financial provisions... Shoot, I didn't have to buy baby clothes this third time around... or any new baby gear for that matter. So we saved money there. My oldest and youngest are girls. My oldest LOVES having the baby share a room with her (we decided to change the nursery into a playroom). I feel that if a woman is mentaly and physically able and willing to have as many kids as she and her husband want, all the power to them. I adore my children and don't know what I'd do with out a single one of them! Thank you for this post!

  7. Love this post...Camilleta...You are just fine having 2 kids at 24, I had three kids at 24. I really liked reading this post, now a days people get a lot of crap for having 2 or three kids even more. I get it all the time, mostly from family members. I am alomst 27 years old an I want another baby, yes that would be four, and my family knows that and they put me down about it all the time. Oh well, if it happens, its happens. I got a lot of crap when I found out I was pregnant with my second one, I was planning my wedding I was due April 17th and our wedding was May 17th, told my mom, and she said "Well, I guess you can kiss that wedding goodbye now" It really hurt, my now husbands mom said the same thing, I was tired of hearing it from everyone and I looked her in the eyes and said "Just because I am pregnant doesnt mean i have to cancel my wedding" I didnt I just moved it to July 5th(08) My three kids are my world and I wouldnt change my life for the world, no matter how many kids you have everyone always makes it in the world. Good luck to you all and enjoy your babies'kids

  8. As a mom of nine, due with number eleven in April, I can totally relate to this entry. It is amazing, the things that people say: "Don't you know how that happens?!"..."Well, at least you are good at ONE thing!"..."Do you ever leave the bedroom?"..."With all those kids, how do you have time to make more?"..."Don't you know that the Earth is already overpopulated?!"..."Aren't you worried about the Earth's resources?"..."There are so many people who can't have children! Don't you think it's a little selfish to have so many?"...and on and on it goes. People even say rude things to my children.
    Ever since I was a young girl, I have dreamed of having a huge family. Lots of children to love, a happy husband, evenings together watching movies or playing games, snuggling babies in the wee hours of the night... I am always a little surprised when my loved ones act shocked when we announce that we will be having a baby. My husband and I love our children, we give them what they need (and, surprise surprise! sometimes what they want!!), our children are well behaved and helpful... Why do people even have an opinion??
    I would never dream of asking someone with one or two children, "Gosh! Don't you know how it happens?!"..."Don't you ever spend time in the bedroom?"..."Don't you love children?!"... It still amazes me, even after all these years of criticism, how comfortable people are sharing their opinions with me.
    I'd love to share more about this subject, but my nine children are homeschooled and need my attention. (Oh, and I think the newest baby must be sitting on my bladder because I really have to go potty!!) ;)
    God bless ya!! And your children!! :)

  9. HA HA! I am due with number 10...not 11. My kids are talking in the background, and I forgot how to count. ;)

  10. The nicest thing someone said to me regarding my three children was, "You have your hands beautifully full."

  11. Hello-- I liked your article. I only have one child at the moment but would love more. I don't know. I get why people ask how can couples with large families afford it (sometimes I wonder what kind of job the man has), in this day and age. However, I've gotten information from not-so-rich couples about how they make it work for them.

    Do you think it has something to do with region and lifestyle? It would be better for a large family to live in the suburbs or rural towns versus a crowded city, in my opinion. Maybe people wouldn't gawk as much? And I was never materialistic, even as a teenager. My clothes came from Sears and K-mart, but I knew how to accessorize to look dazzling. So Target and hand-me-downs clothes aren't beneath me.

    Some parents of only children talk about how they still want to be able to travel and have big houses, fancy cars, etc. That was me for about one year. Been there, done that traveling in the army (family road trips sound more exciting), I hate car payments, and I don't want a big house unless I need one. I guess I've trained myself for a large family all this time, lol. The only thing that concerns me is having someone who wants a large family, too (I'm single). I don't have to have 8+ kids-- whatever we can afford so we can occasionally give them what they want. And what my body can handle.


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