Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange Party

Keeping kids focused on Christmas and what it's truly about is hard.  Heck, it's hard for adults.  Presents, Santa, cookies, presents, lights, trees, presents-As a Christ follower, these are not the first words I want my kids to say when I ask them what they think Christmas is about.
So when my good friend, Gina, called me and told me about an idea she found on Pinterest for a Jesse Tree Ornament exchange party, I was all about it.
She found this website that explained the process, had their own party AND that sells a devotional to go through the 24 days leading up to Christmas.

In short-The Jesse Tree is made up of 24 ornaments.  Each ornament has a significant meaning as it relates to Christmas.  24 women each make 1 of the same 24 ornaments.  You get together and exchange them.  You go home with 24 different ornaments!  Then, starting December 1st, you read the short devotional for the day and then hang that day's ornament on the tree.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.

Here are some pics from our party!  It was so much fun.   All of the ornaments looked so great.   It made it super exciting when a one of the women's water broke upon entering the house.  She stayed for the whole party (3rd kid)!  What a girl.   She now has a beautiful baby girl ;)

Getting the ornaments arranged...
Fabulous ornaments!

Fabulous treats!

We had the ornaments arranged by the day of the advent they correspond to...

Love the donkeys!

This ornament is customized with a pic of each family!


The devotional book...

Ladies in red
Me and my girl, Gina.
Last night, my husband and I showed the kids all of the ornaments and explained what we're doing.  We're all really excited to start tonight Jesse-tree-ing it up tonight!
Do you have any fun traditions that you do with your children?  I'd love to know.

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  1. We always bake a cake for Jesus' Bday on Christmas. We also wait to put baby Jesus in the nativity until Christmas morn :). Kindra


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