Monday, November 14, 2011

Sweet Monday Giveaway- Willow of Wonder

Good Monday morning to you all!
I am so very excited today to introduce you to another talented artist:  Jackie, founder of Willow of Wonder.  As I browsed through her shop I ooohed and ahhhed at the beautiful and meaningful pieces.  I have no doubt that you will, too. 

I asked her to share a bio of herself and how she came to become an artist and shop owner.   After reading it, I was so blessed that although she suffers with a VERY physically draining autoimmune disease (my mom also suffered with it), God was and is able to work in and through her to share His Word through her beautiful artwork...

I'm a mom of three who loves spending time with my family hiking, playing games and watching Friday night movies snuggled up together with a fire. Some of my favorite things: Jesus of course, laughing until it hurts, good talks with girlfriends and sushi date nights with my husband.

I've been known to gasp with excitement over a beautiful new bloom in our garden (to the point of making my husband think something is seriously wrong). I love Mexican food, the color aqua, tea parties, picnics and being in nature. But my most favorite thing ever is seeing and hearing about God working in people's lives.

I always had a love for art and doing creative things, but just did them as hobbies or gifts for friends and family.

Being creative is also a sort of therapy for me. I find that as I listens to praise music and create, a calm washes over me and whatever I might be stressed about melts away.

In 2007 after the birth of my third child I had a series of very stressful events in my life and started having strange symptoms that finally led to a diagnosis of lupus in the fall of 2009. I suffered from fatigue, hair loss and joint pain so bad it hurt to hold a pen. So much of that time was spent just trying to get through the day and doing my best to take care of my children. 

This led me on a journey that forced me to lean on the Lord in a new way. It deepened my faith and knowledge about health and nutrition to help heal my body. When I started feeling better, I found art again served as a form of therapy. 
I felt the Lord placing it upon her heart to create scripture art that would not only help me focus on the beauty in His words, but would also make a pretty reminder of His truth for others. 
The first print I did was the dolphin girl, made for close friends who were baptizing their daughter. And from there I felt a nudging to open an etsy shop.   
This month marks my one year anniversary for the shop. The experience of being healthy enough to create and the sense of strength and closeness to the Lord I feel while creating has been one of beauty for ashes to me. And I'm just so excited to be able to share my art with you. 
 Happy one year anniversary, Jackie!   

Jackie is giving away a print of winner's choice (8x10) or the Scripture Stationary Set!

To Enter:
Visit Willow of Wonder Etsy Shop.  Let me know what item you would choose if you won.
Like Willow of Wonder on FB (let me know that you did) 
Follow the Willow of Wonder Blog (let me know that you do)

The giveaway ends next Monday, November 21!


  1. Oh this is a hard one. I lvoe the Joyful Noise one...but also the Zephaniah Girl one.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What a talent she is! I would love the silhouette picture "make a joyful noise".
    Willow of Wonder "liked"!!

  4. Oops. Didn't realize this connected to blogger. So, changed the name, and liked Willow of Wonder's shop on facebook.

  5. I'd probably go with the armor of God...with a touch of red and curl to her hair!:) But every one of those Scripture prints would encourage me. I LIKE! :)

  6. Hi T. I love the 'Make a Joyful Noise' silhouette. So cute. And I 'liked' her on FB. :).

  7. I love love love the Dark Skinned Warrior Girl, Armor of God! This would be a perfect gift for my daughter!

  8. 'Like' Willow of Wonder on Facebook!!!

  9. Can't follow via GFC as her button is missing! :( Will be checking back with her frequently though! I love her stuff! So inspiring!

  10. I *think* (but I'm not totally sure!) I would choose the Dolphin Girl with blonde hair. So sweet! (ALMOST as good as the Ezekiel print! lol ;)

  11. Jackie is so inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing. I am now a proud follower of her blog, FB and Etsy shop. I LOVE LOVE her artwork. Especially the dolphin girl and the fall girl with the deer.

  12. This was a great website. Beautiful prints!! I would have to choose the Dolphin One with Blonde Hair...for my dolphin-loving daughter :)Great Christmas Gift ideas....there is even a ballerina one for Nicole. Perfect.

  13. I liked her on face book too :)

  14. I liked..LOVE ...her page...on facebook

  15. I would LOVE the little girl in one of my very favorite verses..Zephaniah 3:17...I love it! It makes me think of climbing on God's lap..and Him holding me <3

  16. I like the dolphin one and the ballerina - my kids might like them too but they will look really good next to my monitor at work.

  17. If a man can win fried boots, can't a man win a ballerina pic?

  18. I think I would choose the Ezekiel print.


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