Friday, November 25, 2011

Insta Friday 11.25.11

Happy day after Thanksgiving!   The big question everyone asks is "so, are you getting up early to shop?"  Answer:  No thank you.  I am very happy to find the exact same deals online from the comfort of my home.  To those of you who are brave enough to go out and fight off the hoards of people who want the same exact item you do, I salute you.

Onto Insta Friday.  You know every Friday I post my cell phone pics from through out the week.  SO without further ado...

My cousin and I like to hang out when she's in town on break.  We went to Forever 21 and goofed around, Chipotle for dinner, then to see the dumbest movie ever:  Twilight Breaking Dawn.  It's a tradition that we see these together and we love it.
Hats at Forever 21.  So many hats.  Doing my best to look intimidating with a hat covered in hearts.
What the hay is up with this flower?  It could double as an umbrella.
I introduced K to the FXcam app on the android.  We had to try all the filters.
I turned a womans skirt into one for my miss.  She loves the length because she has to "hold it like a princess" when she walks down the stairs.
She helped me to make 24 ornaments for a Jesse Tree party I'm going to next week! I had the town of Bethlehem.

My brother and his wife had their first baby.   I asked my fam to make their most excited faces upon hearing the news.  PS:  See that hideous orange office chair?  My husband trash picked it in college and won't let us get rid of it. 

Lake Shore Drive.  City-bound to see my new nephew.  Yea, I'm taking this while driving... :/
John Hancock building.
On Michigan Avenue looking up at John Hancock.  I love the Windy City!
So sweet!

On a different note, I'm a part of the Somewhat Simple Holiday Boutique!  There are a bunch of other great vendors participating so feel free to click over and check it.

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