Friday, November 18, 2011

Insta Friday 11.18.11

 Hey, Hello and how do you do.
Here is my week in cell phone pictures.
My youngest and I play memory EVERY day after lunch.  Can you believe that he beats me (legitimately!) sometimes?  What the heck!

We met some friends for breakfast.  Drew made butter/creamer towers to keep himself occupied.

Whenever I get into my husbands car, this is what the gas tank looks like.  It's not broken, the car is always running on empty!  This car is the first we bought together 11 years ago.  99 Honda Civic.  Green.  Banged up.  Husband wants to pass it down to our son.  Notice it has 120061 miles on it?

These lambs sit in the cup holders.  The one on the right is one we bought in Scotland 10 years ago.  His name is goat.  The one on the left is from our trip to Ireland this year.  He is nameless.  (Yes, my husband voluntarily puts stuffed animals in his car.)

I hit my head on this dang sun glass clip holder EVERY time I get in the car.

My oldest worked on this "star wars" ship for three days.  Isn't it cool? On a different note, he is DYING for PJ day at school so that he can wear these spiderman pjs.  They have webbed wings. 

Isn't this TOO cute?  My little girl drew it.  I thought it was a mouse but it's Hello Kitty ;)  I also love the mushroom looking tree. 
Speaking of my girl, she's sick today.  She had a fever and tummy ache when she got home from school yesterday.  Today, no fever and she looks ok.  I think she might be pulling a Ferris Beuhler.  I don't mind.  Getting to look at that face a little longer this week suits me just fine ;)

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great weekend!?!

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  1. dang, you reminded me that we have memory and it's up in the closet! i need to pull that out! thanks for linking up!

  2. To be a kid again & have PJ day - that would be great! I love the fact that it has webbed wings!

  3. Heheh I like the drawing of Hello Kitty!


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