Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fun and Educational Websites for Young Kids

My kids love playing computer games.  More specifically, online games like those found on the Lego website.  If they get ready for school in a timely manner, I let them each have some computer time.  Instead of Lego though, I now have them spend time on sites where they might actually learn something other than what new Ninjago set is out there or Hero Factory Villian.

There seems to be hundreds of sites with games for kids.  However, if I click on them and there are flashing ads, I stay away.  If I'm going to leave my kid on the computer and a women in a bathing suit flashes up (which has happened) it ticks me off.  I have visited a lot of sites and put my faves below.

I am searching for some new sites, so if you have any adds, please write them in the comments!

The first is Starfall.  A great site that teaches phonics, sounds and letters through games, stories and pictures.  Appropriate for preschool through K or 1st.

I found Sheppard Software a couple of weeks ago.  It's LOADED with all kinds of games and learning applications for preschool through 4-5th grade.  I particularly like the "fruit shoot" game where you are given a problem and have to shoot the fruit that has the correct answer (similar to the Fruit Ninja app on our itouch).

This site -Enchanted Learning-is so great for printable activity sheets.  My daughter is in Kindergarten and loves "homework".  I'll be using this a lot for sure. 

National Geographic Kids is a really nice site with games, science experiment ideas, animals...
They have two separate sites.  One for kids, and one for little kids (toddlers-Kindergarten) ;)

Smarty Games is fun.  I like the "money" game that teaches them about what change to use when buying something.

My son isn't learning grammar quite yet but when he does, I know he's going to love Grammar Ninja. 

Back to the sewing machine ;)  



  1. Grammar ninja is totally cute. :)

  2. This is a game I designed to help my children with their times tables - called Millionaire Times Tables, here is the link, hope they enjoy. no adds, just the game.


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