Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dyed and Gone to Heaven...

 I mentioned on Monday that I was going to the city to get my haircut and colored by my fabu-lass sister.  Being a hair color virgin I was nervous.  I had been wanting to go a bit red for a couple of years and figured I'd bite the bullet and finally get it done.
Here are some pics...

Me and my sister pre-hair dye-i-fication.

On a more serious note...

Should I be more nervous that this face is doing my hair?

She can't take a serious picture.

Before.  A bit dirty but I'm not going to wash my hair before getting my hair washed.  Like my mom... She cleans her house before the cleaning lady comes.  What?

My inspired look.

The process... Dye is squeezed into a bowl...

This will soon be burning it's way through my hair.

A cup full of processor (?) or something like that...

Mixed with a whisk.    She's the Martha Stewart of hair, I'm telling you.

Seriously-Uggs make my feet look like I'm a moon-walker.

Washing it out.



 So, not too dramatic.  One friend thought that I was going "Lucille Ball."  No.  Just easing my way into the hair color world.

If you live near Chicago, the salon is Streets of London.  It's near Bucktown and Lincoln Park.   My sister is Catherine.  She's the best.  Plus, it's like Second City in there so not only will you get a great "DO" you'll laugh your head off, too.

I'm linking up to What I Wore Wednesday.  After all, I'm "wearing" a new hair color... right?

pleated poppy

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  1. The new color looks awesome!
    My mom also cleans before the cleaning people come!
    I am giving an art work away over on Chasing Davies, just in case you want to join the giveaway!


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