Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fun and Educational Websites for Young Kids

My kids love playing computer games.  More specifically, online games like those found on the Lego website.  If they get ready for school in a timely manner, I let them each have some computer time.  Instead of Lego though, I now have them spend time on sites where they might actually learn something other than what new Ninjago set is out there or Hero Factory Villian.

There seems to be hundreds of sites with games for kids.  However, if I click on them and there are flashing ads, I stay away.  If I'm going to leave my kid on the computer and a women in a bathing suit flashes up (which has happened) it ticks me off.  I have visited a lot of sites and put my faves below.

I am searching for some new sites, so if you have any adds, please write them in the comments!

The first is Starfall.  A great site that teaches phonics, sounds and letters through games, stories and pictures.  Appropriate for preschool through K or 1st.

I found Sheppard Software a couple of weeks ago.  It's LOADED with all kinds of games and learning applications for preschool through 4-5th grade.  I particularly like the "fruit shoot" game where you are given a problem and have to shoot the fruit that has the correct answer (similar to the Fruit Ninja app on our itouch).

This site -Enchanted Learning-is so great for printable activity sheets.  My daughter is in Kindergarten and loves "homework".  I'll be using this a lot for sure. 

National Geographic Kids is a really nice site with games, science experiment ideas, animals...
They have two separate sites.  One for kids, and one for little kids (toddlers-Kindergarten) ;)

Smarty Games is fun.  I like the "money" game that teaches them about what change to use when buying something.

My son isn't learning grammar quite yet but when he does, I know he's going to love Grammar Ninja. 

Back to the sewing machine ;)  


Friday, November 25, 2011

Insta Friday 11.25.11

Happy day after Thanksgiving!   The big question everyone asks is "so, are you getting up early to shop?"  Answer:  No thank you.  I am very happy to find the exact same deals online from the comfort of my home.  To those of you who are brave enough to go out and fight off the hoards of people who want the same exact item you do, I salute you.

Onto Insta Friday.  You know every Friday I post my cell phone pics from through out the week.  SO without further ado...

My cousin and I like to hang out when she's in town on break.  We went to Forever 21 and goofed around, Chipotle for dinner, then to see the dumbest movie ever:  Twilight Breaking Dawn.  It's a tradition that we see these together and we love it.
Hats at Forever 21.  So many hats.  Doing my best to look intimidating with a hat covered in hearts.
What the hay is up with this flower?  It could double as an umbrella.
I introduced K to the FXcam app on the android.  We had to try all the filters.
I turned a womans skirt into one for my miss.  She loves the length because she has to "hold it like a princess" when she walks down the stairs.
She helped me to make 24 ornaments for a Jesse Tree party I'm going to next week! I had the town of Bethlehem.

My brother and his wife had their first baby.   I asked my fam to make their most excited faces upon hearing the news.  PS:  See that hideous orange office chair?  My husband trash picked it in college and won't let us get rid of it. 

Lake Shore Drive.  City-bound to see my new nephew.  Yea, I'm taking this while driving... :/
John Hancock building.
On Michigan Avenue looking up at John Hancock.  I love the Windy City!
So sweet!

On a different note, I'm a part of the Somewhat Simple Holiday Boutique!  There are a bunch of other great vendors participating so feel free to click over and check it.

life rearranged

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dyed and Gone to Heaven...

 I mentioned on Monday that I was going to the city to get my haircut and colored by my fabu-lass sister.  Being a hair color virgin I was nervous.  I had been wanting to go a bit red for a couple of years and figured I'd bite the bullet and finally get it done.
Here are some pics...

Me and my sister pre-hair dye-i-fication.

On a more serious note...

Should I be more nervous that this face is doing my hair?

She can't take a serious picture.

Before.  A bit dirty but I'm not going to wash my hair before getting my hair washed.  Like my mom... She cleans her house before the cleaning lady comes.  What?

My inspired look.

The process... Dye is squeezed into a bowl...

This will soon be burning it's way through my hair.

A cup full of processor (?) or something like that...

Mixed with a whisk.    She's the Martha Stewart of hair, I'm telling you.

Seriously-Uggs make my feet look like I'm a moon-walker.

Washing it out.



 So, not too dramatic.  One friend thought that I was going "Lucille Ball."  No.  Just easing my way into the hair color world.

If you live near Chicago, the salon is Streets of London.  It's near Bucktown and Lincoln Park.   My sister is Catherine.  She's the best.  Plus, it's like Second City in there so not only will you get a great "DO" you'll laugh your head off, too.

I'm linking up to What I Wore Wednesday.  After all, I'm "wearing" a new hair color... right?

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Go Red or Go Home

Hi Friends.
On my facebook page I announced I'm going red today.  My sister is a phenomenal hairstylist in the city and I'm heading down for a "cut and color".  I've never had my hair colored before.  Hey, sometimes you just got to live a little ;)  It's just a color and it can be redone if you absolutely hate it.  Right?  I mean... RIGHT? haha.
Here are some pics I sent her for ideas...

Drew looks cute with red.

This shade is so pretty.

This is more orange-y but it's nice.

Love this shade!
 I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow of the results!
Today, I'm also going to visit my new nephew again.  I took this pic of him yesterday.  Isn't he sweet?!?  When you see a new life you realize again the miracle it is and how amazing God is to create such beauty.  Your heart is filled and your mind is renewed.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Insta Friday 11.18.11

 Hey, Hello and how do you do.
Here is my week in cell phone pictures.
My youngest and I play memory EVERY day after lunch.  Can you believe that he beats me (legitimately!) sometimes?  What the heck!

We met some friends for breakfast.  Drew made butter/creamer towers to keep himself occupied.

Whenever I get into my husbands car, this is what the gas tank looks like.  It's not broken, the car is always running on empty!  This car is the first we bought together 11 years ago.  99 Honda Civic.  Green.  Banged up.  Husband wants to pass it down to our son.  Notice it has 120061 miles on it?

These lambs sit in the cup holders.  The one on the right is one we bought in Scotland 10 years ago.  His name is goat.  The one on the left is from our trip to Ireland this year.  He is nameless.  (Yes, my husband voluntarily puts stuffed animals in his car.)

I hit my head on this dang sun glass clip holder EVERY time I get in the car.

My oldest worked on this "star wars" ship for three days.  Isn't it cool? On a different note, he is DYING for PJ day at school so that he can wear these spiderman pjs.  They have webbed wings. 

Isn't this TOO cute?  My little girl drew it.  I thought it was a mouse but it's Hello Kitty ;)  I also love the mushroom looking tree. 
Speaking of my girl, she's sick today.  She had a fever and tummy ache when she got home from school yesterday.  Today, no fever and she looks ok.  I think she might be pulling a Ferris Beuhler.  I don't mind.  Getting to look at that face a little longer this week suits me just fine ;)

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great weekend!?!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Special Christmas Items

Hi Friends.
I had a fun trunk show on Sunday and made some items that aren't in my etsy shop...
There are a few things left.  If you're interested in any of these, let me know!  Supplies are really limited.  Also, the backs are blank which means I can put whatever attachment you'd like (pin, alligator clip, french clip) onto the back.  I often do a pin AND a clip so I can put on my purse or shirt if I want.
If it's a gift for someone, I am happy to include a cute little gift box ;)

Fun felt flower.  Candied Peppermint Center.  Not real candy, so don't try to eat it ;)  Measures almost 4 inches across...  Would be cute with your holiday outfit, on a winter hat or as a large barrette for you or a girlie in your life.  $7.50  (3 left)

Sold out-Lavender felt flower cluster.  Too cute.

Navy and pink felt flower cluster.   Measures 3 inches.  $8.50 (2 left)

Pink and red cluster.  Perfect for Christmas!  Measures 3x2.5 inches.  $8.50 (5 left)
Brown and pink cluster.  Measures 3x2.5 inches $8.50  (1 left)  sold out

Rolled flower Christmas bunch.  2.5 inches long.  (4 left)
Alligator clippy Flowers.  This is all I have left!  ($2.50 each)
They are too cute.

 My ruffle flower messenger bags are selling like hotcakes!  I'm so happy because other people seem to like them as much as I do.  There's a three bud pin attached!   I sold all my stock at the show plus had special orders for more ;)  Here is my newest addition to the shop. 
Swirly pop design.  Lots of color including pinks, blues, greens and yellows!

 But I think this one is my fave for winter...
Turquoise, plum and pink!  Love.

Have a fantabulous day!  One week till Thanksgiving!
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