Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hello Friends.
My birthday was on Saturday.  What did I do?  Made myself a skirt.  That's my idea of fun ;)
After I made the skirt, I rifled through my dresser and closet to try and find a shirt to go with it.
Couldn't really find one I liked.  So I went to the Gap (all alone-ahhhh) and found this striped shirt.  I hope I don't look early 20th century prisoner in it.  I love stripes ;)
The picture below isn't fabulous.  We were running to church and my husband loves this spot to take pictures despite the glorious sunshine glaring into our eyes.  I look pretty evil and Ella looks like she's giving it 75%.  It actually looks like she's going to puke.  Oh well.  At least I got a shot :)
This is the second wearable item made for myself.  I've always been scared to try after a tunic I attempted to make ended up looking like a moo-moo.  Lots of hours and fabric later it sits in my fabric pile waiting to be re-born.
I started the skirt by using the tutorial from this site except I knew that I wanted mine to be fuller, so I added 6 more inches to the width.  It ended up being too short so I added a 3 inch strip to the bottom which I really like the look of so I'm glad that I erred on the short side the first go around.
I had just enough to make my miss Ella one as well.  And I made her a navy scarf.  So cute.
This skirt is so easy even the most novice sewer can make.  The time consuming part is pulling the elastic (my nemesis) through.    Thanks for visiting today :) !
shirt-gap, necklace-i made (make your own!), belt-fossil, skirt-well, you know
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  1. I LOVE your outfit and your skirt! I can't believe you made it!!

  2. Okay you are one talented lady! LOVE these skirts. I love that the top is ruffled. My mom made me one almost exactly like this and I wore it to Swiss Days and literally I got stopped like a hundred times because people liked it so much. I love it!

  3. You ladies look gorgeous! I think the bold striped top with the yellow is just amazing.

  4. Great job... so cute! Happy Birthday! :)

  5. Love the skirt! I'm afraid that style would not look so great on me but you look FAB! I had to look twice to make sure Ella had a shirt on though. =)

  6. Cute skirt and Happy belated Birthday!


  7. Adorable skirt, Tina!! I LOVE the color combination of the navy and the yellow.

  8. Happy Birthday and nice work on the skirts and scarf. Love it!

  9. the skirts looks ADORABLE! Thanks for linking back to my DIY tutorial :)


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