Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Building Character in Our Kids

Being a parent is tough work.  Whether you have kids or not,  we can all agree on that.
We can take all of the parenting classes and Bible studies we want-we can read every book there is on the subject, but unless we put these things into practice, it's kind of a waste of time.  Right?
As a mom, one of my top goals is building Godly character development in my kids. 
It's not easy.  You spend years reminding them to say thank you and please.  But wouldn't it be great if instead of them just saying it, they really appreciated it from their hearts?
They obey.  Great.  But are they doing it with a heart attitude of joy?
The list goes on.
I'm the kind of person who likes tools to help me with just about everything.  If it's something tangible, I'm for it.
One day, a friend sent me a link with a tutorial of a wall hanging advent calendar with pockets.
I thought about how I could make something similar for my kids with their names as a place to house character qualities we could work on. 
Here's a pic of the wall hanging I made for our family.  The big pocket holds the entire set of quality cards.  They each have their own pocket for the quality they're learning about.

The character qualities I used are from the Entrusted with a Childs Heart book.  They are separated into three age categories:

Foundation Stage: Birth to Six years old
Attentiveness, Obedience, Contentment, Orderliness, Reverence, Forgiveness, Gratefulness, Faith, Truthfulness, Security, Meekness, Cautiousness

Training Stage: Six to Twelve years old
Patience, Determination, Dependability, Punctuality, Discernment, Loyalty, Compassion, Alertness, Responsibility, Virtue, Tolerance, Fairness, Joyfulness

Skill Stage: Twelve to Twenty Years old
Wisdom, Self-Control, Discretion, Diligence, Endurance, Deference, Sincerity, Generosity, Humility, Enthusiasm, Initiative, Love, Creativity, Decisiveness, Sensitivity

Here is a sample of the cards.
They include the character quality, definition and scripture that relates.
There are so many ways that you can use these.  You can bring them out when a specific area needs to be addressed, you could work on one every couple of weeks and have them memorize the scripture and definition.  You could do a family exercise that relates to the quality that's being worked on.
Parents, you too could use these to show your kids that you are also working on specific areas of growth in your life along side them.

I sell the custom wall hanging and cards (laminated option) in my etsy shop.

Guess what?  I've decided to give away the PDF files for free.

Click here to download Foundation Stage: Birth to Six years old
Click here to download Training Stage: Six to Twelve years old
Click here to download Skill Stage: Twelve to Twenty Years old

I hope that they help you in your parenting efforts.  Every little bit helps, right?  ;)

Much love to you today!



  1. Oh! Happy! Day!
    I would love the Foundation set please & thank-you.

    Blessings to you and your family

  2. That is a great wall hanging!

    I don;t do facebook, but I do follow your blog.

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. I follow your blog and am a Facebook friend, I'd love a set of the cards, and maybe that will get me to think about ordering one of your charts-they're great!

  4. I'd love a Foundation Stage set. I'm a follower and a fan on FB. Hope you are having a great day!

  5. Thank you Tina!!!!! I'd love a training stage set.

  6. I follow you on Google Reader - I'd love a set of cards! (foundation)

  7. Forgot to mention I follow you via FB & am a blog subscriber. I made a nautical inspired necklace (using a celtic knot) as part of my niece's high school graduation gift that turned out amazing.

  8. I have recently been introduced to your blog! loving it! I would love to have a copy of your training stage cards. Thanks!
    tdfritz at gmail dot com

  9. My friends just sent this my way and love the idea... seems that I am months behind and the product is no longer available on your etsy account... so wondering if you still have these for sale? Please let me know...

    Thanks. Camille


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