Friday, September 23, 2011

Memory Verse Holder

Happy Friday and First Day of FALL!  Whoo hoo!

Our church's women's ministry is putting some focus this year on scripture memory.  Every two weeks, we log onto my friend Lina's blog and comment with the verse and version we'll memorize.   So over the ministry year, we'll memorize 17 verses.
I'm really excited about this!
I wanted to come up with something other than the fridge as a place to put my verse so that I could see it all of the time.
Off I went to Ikea and found one of these phenomenal standing frames. This frame is called the tolsby and is .99!  Not too shabby!
Here's what I came up with and here's how I did it, in case you want to make your own.

What you need:

1.  Tolsby Frame
2.  4x6 piece of fabric, fun paper or in my case, oilcloth
3.  E-6000 glue
4.  A 1x1 piece of fleece
5.  A small bulldog clip

Slide your 4x6 fabric/paper/etc into the frame.
Glue the piece of fleece to the center top (you need this as stability for the clip).
After it dries, glue the clip onto the fleece.
That's it!
Then you can print your verse out or write it onto a 3x5 card or piece of paper or cardstock.  Changes out really quickly and easily!

You can clip small photos, recipe cards, what else?;)  Cute without verse, isn't it?

Here are some other fun things I found in blog land that you can do with a Tolsby frame!
Cheap and Easy Earring Display (Source)

Table numbers!  So Cute.  (Source)

Family Photo Calendar Source

 Festive Pedestal Name Display Centerpiece (Source)


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas for using that Ikea frame. After reading your post, I totally picked some up on a trip to Ikea this weekend. I'm so impressed with the multiple functions!

    Thanks again for sharing!


  2. I love this adorable frame! I loved your use of it to help you memorize scripture. In fact I was looking for some resources to add to my first ever "Monday is for Memory and Meditation" blog post and I added your post to my short list of resources.


    Melody Campbell
    Faith Project Blog

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! This is such a cute idea. I checked and IKEA still carries these frames so I'm excited to pick some up the next time I head that way. Have a blessed day!


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