Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Winter Storm Can Stop Me Baby

School is in full swing.  I don't think I've stopped moving since it started two weeks ago.  People with older kids always say the older kids get, the faster time goes.  If that's true, I'm in trouble because I don't even remember August and September is already a quarter done.

This year, we made a big decision to send our kids to a private school that is over 20 miles away (if you didn't read about our school situation at the end of last year, you can check it out here if you'd like).  We have a great carpool worked out and it's been going well.  Except for when I let traffic steal my joy.  Heading away from the city is super fast.  It takes 30-35 minutes to get the kids to school.  Driving home, on the other hand, has taken me an hour the last two days which means my 3 year old son and I are in the car for over an hour and a half.  Blech. (today, though, I'm super happy to report only 40 minutes home!)  It doesn't help that they're repaving the highway.  This is what I see there AND back.
I tell you, if I ever see another orange barrel again...  I mean-joy!  The roads will be nice and smooth this spring!

When people ask where my kids go to school, and I tell them, most ask the same types of questions.   "WOW, that's a hike.  Didn't you think about how long it will take in the winter when it snows?"  "What's wrong with your local public school?"  "Have you considered home-schooling?"  "Poor kids. What do they do in the car all that time?"

My favorite thing in the world is when outsiders second guess our parenting decisions. 
You want answers?  I'll give you answers.  (smile).

Q. What am I going to do when it snows?
A.  I'm going to hire a private jet to take them to school.  Or have them snow shoe it half way.  Or use a snowmobile.  Yes.  I have thought about the winter.  Me and the salt trucks will be BFF's.  Maybe they'll even let us hitch a ride.

Q.  What's wrong with your local public school?
A.  Well, first off, there are bad gangs.  Second, ALL public school kids are really naughty.  Third, my kid will turn out naughty if they go to public school.  I hope you can see that I'm joking.  There is nothing wrong with my local public school.  In fact, I live in a great public school district.  What I like this year about the school our kids go to is that Kindergarten is full day.  My son really benefited from that last year and I know my daughter will this year.  I didn't want a 2.5 hour Kindergarten class for her.
I also really appreciate that the school teaches everything through the lens of the Bible.  My husband and I feel it's important for my kids to get a great Godly foundation in every aspect of their life, including their education.

Q. Have you considered home-schooling?
A.  Yes. Yes. I have.  I nearly home schooled them last year.  But God had other plans.  And I can say that I'm thankful He did.  I realize that sometimes God stretches us to do things we may not be comfortable doing but I really don't feel ready at the moment to lead my kids in that way.  Maybe someday if/when God directs us that way, but not now.
Do I look like someone who could home school my kids?  Ha.

Q.  What do they do in the car all that time?
A.  I'm in the car with them 1 afternoon and 3 mornings.  I made up a game where we all tell a story.  Someone starts it and we each add a sentence or two.   The other day, it started out with a family of robots and ended with Benny the toothless shark eating the tooth fairy.  I seriously laughed the entire ride at some of the things these kids came up with.  Every time it got to my oldest son, his part of the story involved puking.  I tried to put a stop on that but it was actually quite hilarious.

Check out the view my son has from his class!
Here's the moral of this story for me:
"And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."  Colossians 3:17

I am 100% confident that this is where God wants us to be.
If it's driving 99 minutes a day to get them to a school we all LOVE, doing laundry, cleaning chocolate pudding off the walls or as I've said before, the never ending pee smell from the boys bathroom, I will do it in His name, to bring Him glory and giving Him thanks.  I'm working on the traffic attitude.  I'll get there ;)

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  1. I love your outlook! I'm learning to just be obedient to the Lord and not worry what other people think about it (and I wish I'd learn it faster). The verse was a Colossians was a big encouragement. Thanks!


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