Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Autumn Lunch Bag Banner Tutorial

Fall is my FAVORITE season for so many reasons, but I especially love decorating for fall.
Here is a fun project using lunchbags that I promised a couple of weeks ago in my "print on a lunchbag" tutorial.   You'll need to refer to that post for how to set your page and printer up so that you can print on your bag.  This time, however, you WILL NOT need to reverse the lettering.

What will you need?  I'm so glad that you asked:
6 lunch bags
Package of Bias tape (or make your own)
Lacy Trim
Sewing Machine (if you are a non-sewer-you can simply use hot glue to attach to ribbon or bias tape)

1.  Cut the top 3 inches off of each bag (where the flap is). 
2.  Use scotch tape across the tops of each bag.  This will help it enter the printer smoothly. 

3.  Change the settings on your printer and page setup as mentioned in this post.  The measurements for this project, though, will be 5.2 wide by 7.5 tall (since you cut the tops off).
Note:  Font I used:  Bodoni MT Black.  Font Size:  400
4.  You'll want to place the letter about 1-1.5" from the bottom of the document.  You should have rulers on the sidebar in publisher to help you, otherwise, just eye it or try a test print.
5.  Place it onto the printer so that smooth side is down.


6.  Sew your bags on starting 18" or so into the bias tape so that you have plenty of tail to hang.  Your bias tape should cover the scotch tape just fine so you won't have to worry about cutting that part of the bag off.
7.  I sewed each letter approximately 3" apart but you can space them however you'd like!

8.  DONE!  If you want it to be.  It looked a little too plain to me, and I didn't really like the tabs on the bottom of each, so I cut them off... and added some lace trim.

Fun, easy and festive!  If you try this, let me know how it turned out!
What are your favorite things about fall?


  1. Ha! So unique! I love a good banner, and this is adorable! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  2. That is super cute! I love paper bag projects! I have a party going on over at my blog if you want to join! I'd love to have you! Check it out under the "Stache Party" page on my blog: mylilpumpkinpatch.blogspot.com

  3. Love this idea !!! Great banner and easy too.


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