Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 questions for today...

I was in the car today and my mind began asking some questions.  Here are a few.

why do spouses talk to each other on facebook?  don't they live in the same house?

at what age are mature adults required to start driving lincoln town cars or cadillacs?  65?  70?

why do people text while on expressways?  one such person almost killed me today.

why do people who don't get migraines call them headaches?  They are no such thing.

why does it make you mad when someone asks if you're mad?

why does stuff that tastes so good tend to be not so good for you?

why do some people ALWAYS have to learn the hard way?

how is it that when you have kids, life warp speeds ahead?

why do kids always have to go #2 right when you're running late and trying to get out the door?
why do they always have to go #2 at target?

why, despite failing Him so many times, does God love me?  I don't know.  But I'm SO glad that He does.

What about you?  What are some random questions that you have today? 


  1. Here's one: why does someone telling you "Just relax" always have the opposite effect? :)

    Hey, Target is an exciting place.

  2. Mrs M! I was just thinking about how I miss your comments :)
    YES. Or when people say "RELAX" or "CALM DOWN"! And it just makes you worse. That never happens to me though. ;)

  3. How about "No offense, but...." I dislike that one.

    I can answer one of your least it's true for my family. My spouse and I talk on fb because we work different shifts and I know there are times that if I want him to see something or ask a question, fb, or a quick text, is the only way because I'm not going to see his face for up to 48 hours due to crazy schedules. Short answer....because it works. ;-)

  4. Hey Jenn.
    Thanks for your answer ;) I think I'm just bitter because my husband refuses to get on FB.

  5. I talk to my Husband on Facebook because he is at school all day. It is however really uncomfortable when you have a husband and wife friend-ed and they proceed to have a private conversation on the public wall


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