Friday, September 30, 2011

Insta Friday

Happy Friday, Friends.  Insta-Friday is here!  In case you're not sure what insta-Friday is, it's where you post pics you've taken with your phone.  You then link up to the life rearranged blog and see all the other bloggers pics who've done the same.  It's fun.  I like it and it gives me another reason to take pics with my phone ;)
 Since the other two are in school, little has to do the work of three. Muhahahaha!  Kidding of course.  He always wants to help me when there's water involved.
 Beautiful break in the clouds...  Glorious.
 An impromptu construction show. 
 We pulled out all the sprinkles top top our cupcakes.  This is Miss'.
 I was curious about how quiet it was...  Konked out while watching Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.  He watches it every day.  He calls in Nania (as in Chronicles of...).  To all the moms who are freaking out, I FF the scary part where Aslan gets the axe.
 Ethan's field trip lunch bag.  He loved getting to choose the graphic for it.  I even found a Star Wars type font.  Here' the how to.  
Who left a big open container of nicely organized buttons on the floor?  Mommy.  And who tripped on them when walking in the room?  Mommy.  Argghhh!

 Mum's are here!

Thanks for browsing.  Have a great day!

life rearranged

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 questions for today...

I was in the car today and my mind began asking some questions.  Here are a few.

why do spouses talk to each other on facebook?  don't they live in the same house?

at what age are mature adults required to start driving lincoln town cars or cadillacs?  65?  70?

why do people text while on expressways?  one such person almost killed me today.

why do people who don't get migraines call them headaches?  They are no such thing.

why does it make you mad when someone asks if you're mad?

why does stuff that tastes so good tend to be not so good for you?

why do some people ALWAYS have to learn the hard way?

how is it that when you have kids, life warp speeds ahead?

why do kids always have to go #2 right when you're running late and trying to get out the door?
why do they always have to go #2 at target?

why, despite failing Him so many times, does God love me?  I don't know.  But I'm SO glad that He does.

What about you?  What are some random questions that you have today? 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet Monday Giveaway-Tilly Claire Print AND Custom Designed Christmas Card!!!

Hello my friends.  Welcome to the third Sweet Monday giveaway!  The winner of last weeks choice of print from "Hidden in my HeART" is prov3130grl!  Congrats.  I'll send you an email on how to claim your print.
Thanks to all who joined in.  

This week, I am so happy to introduce you to Angela who is a graphic designer and has an etsy shop called "Tilly Claire's".   Angela sells prints, photo cards, scripture art and more, all of which she's designed!

Angela is Christian wife and stay - at - home mother of 2 girls who loves to create beautiful things that honor God.

Here are a couple of my faves from her shop.
I Am a Child of God Print
I LOVE this print for a boys room! 
 Angela is giving away TWO things:
One 5x7 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 print with which you can have CUSTOMIZED with names and wedding anniversary!  She can also change the color of the heart to match your home decor!  Great for you or as a gift for someone.

 AND she's also giving away a custom designed Christmas card!  She designs, you print!  She has some great options in her shop.  Here are two that caught my eye.

Isn't that FABULOUS!?
Here's how you can enter to WIN these items (please do both!):
1.  Visit Tilly Claire's Shop and tell me your favorite item/design in the comments section.
2.  Share this giveaway on your facebook page and/or twitter if you are a tweeter!

Have a wonderfully wonderful day.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Scrap Pillow

 Pinterest.  Hmph.  The second I get on I find something I want to make and then because I'm psycho cannot rest until said thing is done.
Last night I found this pillow on pinterest and fell in lurve with it.


This morning from 745-945 I made my own version.

Easy, fun and rewarding.  I asked my husband if it looked like the burning bush, and he said no ;)
How to?
Dig out fallish colored scraps.
Iron to heat and bond.
Cut out into leaf shape.
Iron onto pillow cover.  You can click on the source above for the pillow that inspired me for much better directions ;)

Here are a couple other pillows I saw and loved!

Love the circles on this one.
 This one is so fun, isn't it?


Friday, September 23, 2011

Memory Verse Holder

Happy Friday and First Day of FALL!  Whoo hoo!

Our church's women's ministry is putting some focus this year on scripture memory.  Every two weeks, we log onto my friend Lina's blog and comment with the verse and version we'll memorize.   So over the ministry year, we'll memorize 17 verses.
I'm really excited about this!
I wanted to come up with something other than the fridge as a place to put my verse so that I could see it all of the time.
Off I went to Ikea and found one of these phenomenal standing frames. This frame is called the tolsby and is .99!  Not too shabby!
Here's what I came up with and here's how I did it, in case you want to make your own.

What you need:

1.  Tolsby Frame
2.  4x6 piece of fabric, fun paper or in my case, oilcloth
3.  E-6000 glue
4.  A 1x1 piece of fleece
5.  A small bulldog clip

Slide your 4x6 fabric/paper/etc into the frame.
Glue the piece of fleece to the center top (you need this as stability for the clip).
After it dries, glue the clip onto the fleece.
That's it!
Then you can print your verse out or write it onto a 3x5 card or piece of paper or cardstock.  Changes out really quickly and easily!

You can clip small photos, recipe cards, what else?;)  Cute without verse, isn't it?

Here are some other fun things I found in blog land that you can do with a Tolsby frame!
Cheap and Easy Earring Display (Source)

Table numbers!  So Cute.  (Source)

Family Photo Calendar Source

 Festive Pedestal Name Display Centerpiece (Source)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Autumn Lunch Bag Banner Tutorial

Fall is my FAVORITE season for so many reasons, but I especially love decorating for fall.
Here is a fun project using lunchbags that I promised a couple of weeks ago in my "print on a lunchbag" tutorial.   You'll need to refer to that post for how to set your page and printer up so that you can print on your bag.  This time, however, you WILL NOT need to reverse the lettering.

What will you need?  I'm so glad that you asked:
6 lunch bags
Package of Bias tape (or make your own)
Lacy Trim
Sewing Machine (if you are a non-sewer-you can simply use hot glue to attach to ribbon or bias tape)

1.  Cut the top 3 inches off of each bag (where the flap is). 
2.  Use scotch tape across the tops of each bag.  This will help it enter the printer smoothly. 

3.  Change the settings on your printer and page setup as mentioned in this post.  The measurements for this project, though, will be 5.2 wide by 7.5 tall (since you cut the tops off).
Note:  Font I used:  Bodoni MT Black.  Font Size:  400
4.  You'll want to place the letter about 1-1.5" from the bottom of the document.  You should have rulers on the sidebar in publisher to help you, otherwise, just eye it or try a test print.
5.  Place it onto the printer so that smooth side is down.


6.  Sew your bags on starting 18" or so into the bias tape so that you have plenty of tail to hang.  Your bias tape should cover the scotch tape just fine so you won't have to worry about cutting that part of the bag off.
7.  I sewed each letter approximately 3" apart but you can space them however you'd like!

8.  DONE!  If you want it to be.  It looked a little too plain to me, and I didn't really like the tabs on the bottom of each, so I cut them off... and added some lace trim.

Fun, easy and festive!  If you try this, let me know how it turned out!
What are your favorite things about fall?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sweet Monday Giveaway-Hidden in my HeART Print!

Welcome to another Sweet Monday Giveaway!

I'm happy to announce that the winner of the giveaway from Divine Image is: cherylelliot!  Congrats Cheryl.  I will send you an email on what to do next ;)

This week, I am excited to introduce you to a new friend that I made through Etsy.  Her name is Amy and she is the artist/founder of Hidden in my HeART.

Amy lives in Iowa and is married with two young girls.

She began Hidden in My HeART  after much prayer and time to think about how best to represent the Lord in her work.  She is very sensitive to that fact and wants everything she does to bring Him glory!

Her mission?  
To bring God's word into people's everyday lives in hopes of bringing God's healing love into people's hearts.

Her art...
Based on 119:11 {I have hidden YOUR word in my heart} – it takes His word in her heart to keep her chugging through her days.   All of the art pieces that she has created has the Lord’s Word incorporated into it.  Amy's heart is a personal blueprint for her art.  

She has this mission printed on cards, and includes them with each product that she sells.  

Here are a few of her many designs!  They are such unique and fabulous designs I know that I'd have trouble choosing just one...

Fruits of the spirit...
Psalm 23 Cross

Bible verses in tree form... She has a few different themes...

Her ART is based on Psalm 119:11

"I have hidden YOUR word in my heART."
It takes God's word in my heART to keep me chugging through
my ridiculously crazy busy
and at most times heART lifting
but sometimes heART breaking
but most of ALL incredibly BLESSED life.

Today, Amy is giving away 
One 8x10 Art Print of Winner's Choice!!!

Here's how you can win:*

Visit Hidden in my HeART and tell me which print is your favorite in my comment section.

"Like"Hidden in my HeART facebook page.

Winner of the photograph will be chosen on Monday, September 26!

*{Sweet Floweret members are eligible to win! if you are not a member already just click where it says "join this site" in the right sidebar! thanks so much!!}

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mystery Fabric and Newest Product

Happy Saturday, Friends!
I'm going nuts.  I just spent an hour online trying to find the fabric shown in all the pics below!  I'm running low and it's one of my favorites.  

 I just finished this custom scripture pillow and added a flower using it ;)

 One of my favorite lace trimmed pins.
 NEW PRODUCT!  Covered button bracelets.  I have 4 in stock.  If you want one before it hits etsy let me know.  You'll get 15% off, so instead of $16, it would be $13.60.  Other sellers on etsy are asking $20.  Yowsa!
 I wore the pin, plum ring and bracelet today and a number of people commented on my bracelet ;)  Love! It!
 I'm no hand model, but I wanted you to see what it looks like on...
 All the pretty things...

Here's hoping Hawthorne Threads can help me out.  I'm sending them an SOS!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pleated Wristlets Now in Shop!

Hey, Friends.  How are you?  If you're a Sweet Floweret FB friend, I let you know that this week, I'd be putting a new item in my etsy shop!  Pleated wristlets!  I've been selling them for about a year off etsy and people seem to really like them.  Great gift idea!
 This is one of my faves.  I love the green and I love the pattern!
 This fabric pattern reminds me of a fabric sold by a VERY popular bag maker whose name rhymes with Kera Spradley.
You can see that it fits all of your necessities for a night out or a quick errand.
 Can't get enough of this bright and bold pattern!  Fabulous statement maker.
Lined with a fun bright blue polka dot fabric!  Makes me smile!
 Black and Cream for those who want a wristlet for every occasion.  This pic shows that you can remove the handle and use as a key fob!  There is a swivel clasp attached so that you can simply remove and re-attach!

Ok, ok, so I know there is a pretty uniform color scheme here (GREEN and BLUE)!  I was on a kick.  I'll be adding more, soon ;)  If you are into a particular color, email me!  I can make you a special custom one.  

If you like these, check them out in my etsy shop!  Don't forget my deal of the month is when you spend $30 or more in my shop, you get a ring of your choice-FREE!

In other news, I'm going to be selling my character building wall hangings, soon!
I recently met with the wonderful and amazing ladies over at Entrusted Ministries and they gave me the all clear to sell the character cards.  More on this soon.  If you are interested in one, please email me.  I'm still working out cost/pricing, etc.!

Lastly, DON'T FORGET about my amazing giveaways taking place each Monday!   This past Monday, I featured my friend Rachel and her business Divine Image.  Click here to enter for a beautiful photo of your choice from her etsy shop!  Please show your support to moms who are trying to raise families, run households, all while running a small business.  It means the world to see comments and entries.  Thank you! ;)
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