Friday, August 12, 2011

Fabulous Find Friday

Well, this fab find made it in by the skin of my teeth ;)
I was browsing etsy today for some ideas and came across THE most adorable felt flower headbands I've seen.  The best part is, they are SO affordable that I thought that I read the price wrong.
Since my daughter will be wearing a uniform to school this fall, I wanted to make her some navy hair accessories.  When I found these over at Maple Sugar Lane, I figured I may as well buy them!

 I could have bought all of her stuff but had to stop myself :)  I limited my purchase to these two.

This ADORABLE headband with flower was only 4.25
I couldn't resist this one for 6.95

 These are a few items I thought I'd highlight due to their high "OH MA GASH" cuteness factor...  You can get them for babies, or request a larger size for girl or adult.
SO sweet... 5.95

4.25 for some red blooming goodness...
How sweet are these?  2 for 3.25!
As if that weren't enough, I emailed Jaime at Maple Sugar Lane to make sure it was ok that I feature her today.  She responded super quickly and informed me that all first time customers who LIKE her FB PAGE get 15% off with coupon code "FBFIRST".  SO basically you get your stuff for free.  Well, not really, but for an amazing deal.
Go check out her shop.  She has oodles and oodles more things to fawn over.  Here's the link again.    I can't wait for Ella's headbands to come in the mail so I, er, I mean she can wear them ;)


  1. They are fabulous! My girls would LOVE them! I'll have to take some time tonight and shop, shop, shop! Thanks for the tip!

    Completely off children found Tom & Jerry today. I have had a summer filled with lots of playing and not a lot of TV. Good thing, right? But today, the hedge needed some attention and that meant the kids got bored and turned on the boob tube all by their lonesome. I walked in and all three are laughing hysterically! Love it! BAck to the simple things!

    Happy Friday!

  2. These ARE fab finds - lovely and very affordable!!! Thanks for the clue! Also, I just awarded your lovely blog an award over at my blog here:
    Come check it out and thanks for all the inspiration! Love Laurie from Scene of the Grime


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