Friday, August 26, 2011

Easy Pleated Tote

Hi Friends!

I'm so excited that today, Jennifer over at Tatertots and Jell-o is hosting a Sweet Floweret giveaway!  If you have a second, check it out tonight-she's posting at 7pm or so ;)!  If you're visiting from TT&J, welcome!  Love having you here.

This post is going to be short but sweet.  First week of school and it's been a doozy!

 Had to add this pic of my oldest.  I think he's the cutest thing in this picture!  So excited to start school and make new friends.  My second starts next week ;)

Last week, a friend of mine requested that I make a diaper bag.  I've never made a "diaper bag" per se.  My opinion is, any big bag can be a diaper bag (right?).  I've made a bunch of bags before  and you know my love affair with pleats and totes, but I wanted to try something new.  SO I went on google images, typed in "big tote tutorial" and stumbled across this one.  Found it over at artsy-crafty babe (Rebeka Lampert's) site.  She has loads of other patterns for sale too.
The Pleated Tote is one of two free downloads...
Simple, cute and fun.
Great for a beginner and doesn't require any hardware!  I like that ;)  I love how it turned out.

She said she wanted funky.  I think this is funky... don't you?

I added lots of pockets to the inside for all those diapery things.
Well, have a great Friday!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. He's so scholastic and mature, Tina. Love it!

  2. love the bag! hope your son is enjoying school...such a cutie!

  3. I LOVE that bag! I know its a diaper bag, but you should make mom bags too! Your son is cute - my 2 guys start school next week. Coming from vb - nice to meet you. Will check in to TT&J tonight - I usually do her link up. Oh, do you make any decor items for kids rooms? If so please let me know and I'll get it on my blog!

  4. LOVE this bag!!! The fabric is so pretty. You did a great job :) And you lil man is too cute too!

    I am having a new linky party at my place that is all about DIY fashion. This would be a great project to link up and show off at DIY Diva Thursdays!

    Hope to see you there ;)


  5. Love that big tote! And love all the pockets you added!

  6. Found you on TT&J. I love your projects!!! I'm definitely going to stick around and check more out!! I'm your newest follower!

  7. This ia adorable! The pleats put it over the edge! :)

  8. stopping by from tt&j. love your cute rings.

  9. Hard to believe that it's school time again. I love the bag. I came over from TT&J.


  10. I love that tote bag! The fabrics are to die for!


  11. visiting from tt&j. I love the bag.

  12. TT&J sent me over for the giveaway.. I really like the Oilcloth Essentials Pouch . I'm a new follower also...

  13. Found you from TT&J for the giveaway. The oilcloth pouch in black floral swirl is just my style. Beautiful things. Thanks.

  14. Just hopping over from TT&J! The to is great and I LOVE the scripture pillows and fobs! Wonderful!!

  15. Thanks for the giveaway! Cute bag!

  16. Very cute :) And isn't it nice when they're back in school? Of course, I'm a teacher, so I'm back in school, too...LOL

    Found you through the vB GFC hop

    Full Cart Full Wallet

  17. Stopping by fro TT&J and I love the things your selling on etsy! Love the rings...:-)


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