Monday, June 20, 2011

Girls Night- Favorite Things...

Happy Monday!
Monday Monday.
It's a busy day for me each week.  Laundry and grocery day.  But I really look forward to one Monday night a month.  It's GIRLS NIGHT OUT!  For years now, a group of 6 to 10 of my friends get together one Monday night a month.  Back in January, I shared with you some of the things we do.  Here's the link in case you'd like to check it out.
Last Monday was my favorite annual girls night-Favorite things.
Each of us creates a list of 5 or so of our favorite things (can be anything from events, to beauty items to kids stuff, stores, you get the gist).  Then, we bring an item (or two) that adds up to $10 (wrapped up).  We usually meet up the Cheesecake Factory.  MMMM.
Who goes first?  You can draw numbers to see who picks a bag first.  I was chosen to pick first this time because I arrived a little early to ensure we had our table ready ;)  Whoever brought the bag that is chosen reads their favorite thing list, then the girl who picked the gift opens it.  It is way less complicated than it sounds ;)
Today, I'm going to share my favorite things, plus a few of my favorite home girls (yes, I just wrote home girls)  favorite things!
Without further ado... Here's my list...
China Glaze Nail Polish-Purple Panic
This nail polish is SUPER BRIGHT and I get a million or so compliments when I wear it.  One of the best things is that it dries SUPER fast. 

Contigo Water Bottle
Last month, I did my fabulous find Friday on these water bottles.  They are originally $10 each but I got three for $15 at Costco.  I love them and have one in my hand all the time.

Origins Liquid Summer Lip Color

This is a great summery lip gloss.  There really isn't much color to it but it gives your lips long lasting shine and has a great minty zing.  It looks great over color, too.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray
This has been all the rage in magazines and I thought I'd try it.  My hair already has some wave to it.  Spray it on your wet hair and it dries and looks like you were just at the beach.  I love the carefree look it gives my hair.  Wild and beachy.  

Island Way Sorbet 
I love this special treat.  It's sorbet in it's natural shell.  So you're eating it out of  a half of lemon, pineapple, coconut or orange.  They are all 50 calories (except for the coconut one).  You feel like you are on a hawaiian island when you're eating it.

$1 bin at Target
Love all of the goodies I find there.  Who doesn't?

Arbonne skin conditioning oil

I use this stuff all of the time.  On my nails, for cuts and bruises on the kids, dry skin and best of all bikini line after shaving (this led our group into a crazy long discussion on Brazilian waxing.)

I wrapped up the China Glaze nail polish and a Contigo water bottle.   I received Orly Rubberized Base Coat.  I'm excited to try it out.

A couple things I want to check out after hearing the girls favorite things...
My Fitness Pal app - $5, keeps track of your calorie burn and what you eat. Takes the guess work out of weight loss, while not making you feel like you are dieting at all.   My friend lost 16lbs using it.
Kiss Nail Stickers- these look just like the flowers they paint on at the salon and stay for a long time, too. 
Corn Butterer

 I have one of these.  Great idea.  No mess way to spread butter onto your corn.
Lil Rinser
I wish I had one of these when my kids were younger.  It blocks the soapy water from getting in your little ones eyes during hair rinse. 

Well, that's a wrap.  Won't you share some of your favorite things in the comments section?  I love getting reviews from other women before trying something.  I hope you enjoyed favorite things!  And you didn't even have to spend $10 on cheesecake.

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