Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Banner Day

If you read blogs at all, or if you're a woman, you've no doubt heard of Pinterest; the addicting  "bulletin board" with endless ideas and inspiration for any project your heart may desire, from baby showers to breakfast foods.
I was browsing Pinterest the other day and stumbled across a banner from this website.

I knew I wanted to make my own.  It is made using lunch bags of all things!  It was fun to make albeit a little more time consuming than my desired 30 minute projects ;)

Check it out.  I love love love how it turned out.

If you've never heard of Pinterest or don't have an account, let me know!  I'll invite you (can only be a member by invite -hoity toity).  Here's a link to my Pinterest boards.  It's so much fun.

Monday, June 27, 2011

20 Minute Tuesday #9!

My kids had VBS today and the younger two "visited" Mexico.  They brought home their handmade sombrero's and were very excited to tell me about all the ways that corn can be used.  They had a blast.
Hope that your summers are going well.

Check out some of these fabulous 20 minute tuesday projects that were linked up last week!

The Chameleon Girls took these binder clips and added some fabric flair.  

 I'm a sucker for buttons.  Valerie over at Boogaboo Handmade made this cute DIY framed art using them.  Cute, easy and unique!
This bracelet is really cute and looks fun to make.  Visit Four Flights of Fancy where Andrea shows you how to make your own!

For the linky party.  Rules. 
1.  Your project needs to have taken 20-30 minutes (ish) not including paint drying!
2.  It needs to have cost you less than $10
3.  Grab my button
4.  Follow me via GFC so that you don't forget to link up in the future (I'm a big "liker backer")

Sweet Floweret

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Week in Review

Hey Friends.  On Friday I usually post my fab finds of the week.  I don't really have any so I thought I'd do my week in review.  Maybe you care.  Maybe you don't.  That's ok.  It's kind of a way to help me feel like I actually accomplished something during these crazy summer days.
Here goes...

Book I read: Quitter by Jon Acuff

What I thought:  Well written.  Funny.  Good motivator.  I read this because a friend highly recommended.
If you have ever dreamed of quitting your day job to pursue your dream job, this is a great book.
It provides a healthy does of reality, but also a path for you to close the gap between where you are now and your dreams.

I'm not even sure what my dream job would be right now!  I'm in the midst of raising kids.  My dreams right now are for them.  I guess my real dream would be to start a Christian SNL.  Maybe someday :)  Hey, my name is Tina.   Instead of Tina Fey I can be Tina May.  Or Tina Hey Hey.  Just kidding.  Or not.

Biggest accomplishment this week: 
Organized the kids drawing and coloring area.  It used to be the dining room table and was a huge mess all of the time.  Paper and markers EVERYWHERE.  Can't WAIT to show you their new space.  Next week probably ;)

Dining Room Issues

 Thing God taught me this week:  I was having a bad attitude about a certain situation this week (I realize this is vague!).  God showed me that if I were truly serving Him in this circumstance and not people or organizations I wouldn't have this bad attitude.  I was over it pretty quickly after that!

whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies—in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever.   1 Peter 4:11

Summer fun with the kids:  The weather was warm one day so we went to the "shark" pool!  We also made wooden spoon puppets (a princess and two kings).
The library had open craft time yesterday so we made some crowns and grabbed a bunch of books on knights and castles. 

I'm probably letting them watch too many movies, but the weather has been crummy.  That's my excuse anyway ;) 

What I watched this week:  Driving Miss Daisy.  LOVE this movie.  I hadn't seen it in ages and it was on the Netflix "watch instantly" list.  If you haven't seen it I highly recommend!  Morgan Freeman is so great in it and every time he laughed in the movie, I did too.  Dan Akroyd's hair could have used some work.  The little old lady was in Fried Green Tomatoes.  she was like the token old lady actress in the 90's.  I don't know her name off the top of my head.

Also watched the new Mark Burnett reality show "Expedition Impossible".  We're huge amazing race fans and this didn't disappoint.  I loved that the team called "latin persuasion" wore black in the desert, nylons and lipstick.  Surprisingly, they were the first team sent home.

Highlight of the Week:  Last Sunday we celebrated my brothers birthday and Fathers Day with my immediate family downtown Chicago at Maggianos.  I love spending time with the family and I love food.  Time with my family is never short on laughs. 
Joe's absolute favorite dessert.  Tiramisu.

Did you do anything eventful, fun or memorable this week? 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vintage Photo App

Yesterday I was browsing my Mac app store.  Dangerous.  
I loaded spider solitaire a month or so ago and have spent way too much time trying to beat it.

I came across a photo app called VintageScene.  You can drag any photo into it and change it to look vintage, antiqued or aged.  It is TOO much fun.  It cost me $7.99.  I'm looking forward to playing with it even more.  You can change the coloring, texture and picture age with a little slider bar.  There are a lot of options and a lot of ways to get a picture the way you want it to look.

I played with some pics from our trip to Ireland.  Here are a few samples...


After (kind of Gotham City-esque...)

Fun, huh?  I'm looking forward to decorating my walls with some unique photos!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

20 Minute Tuesday #8

Welcome to 20 Minute Tuesday #8!
It's hard for me to believe that this is the eighth linky party.  I was going to quit after the third one. Not for lack of turnout, but because of how much work it is inviting people to come.  Only about 50% of the people I've invited show up to the party.  It's free advertising for your project and provides people seeking quick and inexpensive ideas a one stop shop!  I hope that if you enjoy quick, fun and inexpensive projects that you'll come back and visit me each Tuesday to check out the amazing things people create.
Here is my wrap up from last week!
This bookmark is a great idea not just for Fathers Day but as a gift for anyone!  Thanks to Amy over at Serving Pink Lemonade!  I bet even if you couldn't get to a photo booth, you could easily arrange pics in that style and print them up...

 Gift cards seem to be all the rage lately.  Isn't this gift card holder too sweet?  Sara over at The Killer B's posted the link to directions so you can make your own... Thanks, Sara!

I can absolutely use this gift wrap organizer that Candice over at "She's Crafty" made.  She gives you step by step instructions where you can buy the shelving and how to create your own!  Oh how lovely it would be to not have to dig under the bed for the gift wrap bin!

For the linky party.  Rules.  I'm not a big rule fan, but it'd be much appreciated by this fellow blogger if you could follow them.  I only feature friends who have followed the rules.

1.  Your project needs to have taken 20-30 minutes (ish) not including paint drying!
2.  It needs to have cost you less than $10
3.  Grab my button
4.  Follow me via GFC so that you don't forget to link up in the future (I'm a big "liker backer")

Thanks, pals.

Sweet Floweret

Girls Night- Favorite Things...

Happy Monday!
Monday Monday.
It's a busy day for me each week.  Laundry and grocery day.  But I really look forward to one Monday night a month.  It's GIRLS NIGHT OUT!  For years now, a group of 6 to 10 of my friends get together one Monday night a month.  Back in January, I shared with you some of the things we do.  Here's the link in case you'd like to check it out.
Last Monday was my favorite annual girls night-Favorite things.
Each of us creates a list of 5 or so of our favorite things (can be anything from events, to beauty items to kids stuff, stores, you get the gist).  Then, we bring an item (or two) that adds up to $10 (wrapped up).  We usually meet up the Cheesecake Factory.  MMMM.
Who goes first?  You can draw numbers to see who picks a bag first.  I was chosen to pick first this time because I arrived a little early to ensure we had our table ready ;)  Whoever brought the bag that is chosen reads their favorite thing list, then the girl who picked the gift opens it.  It is way less complicated than it sounds ;)
Today, I'm going to share my favorite things, plus a few of my favorite home girls (yes, I just wrote home girls)  favorite things!
Without further ado... Here's my list...
China Glaze Nail Polish-Purple Panic
This nail polish is SUPER BRIGHT and I get a million or so compliments when I wear it.  One of the best things is that it dries SUPER fast. 

Contigo Water Bottle
Last month, I did my fabulous find Friday on these water bottles.  They are originally $10 each but I got three for $15 at Costco.  I love them and have one in my hand all the time.

Origins Liquid Summer Lip Color

This is a great summery lip gloss.  There really isn't much color to it but it gives your lips long lasting shine and has a great minty zing.  It looks great over color, too.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray
This has been all the rage in magazines and I thought I'd try it.  My hair already has some wave to it.  Spray it on your wet hair and it dries and looks like you were just at the beach.  I love the carefree look it gives my hair.  Wild and beachy.  

Island Way Sorbet 
I love this special treat.  It's sorbet in it's natural shell.  So you're eating it out of  a half of lemon, pineapple, coconut or orange.  They are all 50 calories (except for the coconut one).  You feel like you are on a hawaiian island when you're eating it.

$1 bin at Target
Love all of the goodies I find there.  Who doesn't?

Arbonne skin conditioning oil

I use this stuff all of the time.  On my nails, for cuts and bruises on the kids, dry skin and best of all bikini line after shaving (this led our group into a crazy long discussion on Brazilian waxing.)

I wrapped up the China Glaze nail polish and a Contigo water bottle.   I received Orly Rubberized Base Coat.  I'm excited to try it out.

A couple things I want to check out after hearing the girls favorite things...
My Fitness Pal app - $5, keeps track of your calorie burn and what you eat. Takes the guess work out of weight loss, while not making you feel like you are dieting at all.   My friend lost 16lbs using it.
Kiss Nail Stickers- these look just like the flowers they paint on at the salon and stay for a long time, too. 
Corn Butterer

 I have one of these.  Great idea.  No mess way to spread butter onto your corn.
Lil Rinser
I wish I had one of these when my kids were younger.  It blocks the soapy water from getting in your little ones eyes during hair rinse. 

Well, that's a wrap.  Won't you share some of your favorite things in the comments section?  I love getting reviews from other women before trying something.  I hope you enjoyed favorite things!  And you didn't even have to spend $10 on cheesecake.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fabulous Find Friday

Yesterday, I went to Target to get some borax to make GAK with the kids (recipe we used here).  I don't know about you, but whenever I go to Target, I never leave spending less than $50.  I did get some great things there, though ;) 

I've been looking for some cute plates to make a tiered tray with  (for cupcakes, treats, etc.).  I found these on clearance for $1.25 each.  I love the shape of them.  The colors are so nice and bright.   The candle holder is there so you can see how it may look.  Will probably use something a little less bulky.
 Bought a smaller one too, in case I want three tiers!
 I'm pretty much done with the plastic IKEA cups and bowls for kids.  My kids have outgrown them ;( I'll use use them for art projects, etc.  These plastic cups and bowls were .99 each set (so $3 total!). 
 I LOVE LOVE the $1 bin at Target.  See those cute polka dot boxes on my crafty shelf?  Yep.  $1 bin.
 So cute ;)
 Oh, and I finally bought my bike!  I had been searching for weeks and was getting irritated that summer is passing by and I hadn't gone for one bike ride.  I always find the need to research things to death.  I didn't need some crazy bike to do triathlons on... Just something to ride the trail by my house and leisurely rides with the fam.  This bike is a hybrid and I can't wait to take her out for a spin.
 Needless to say, I spent a little more than $50 this shopping trip ;)  Any fab finds for you this week? 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

DSLR... My First Time

I mentioned yesterday that my friend lent me her camera.  It's a Nikon D50.
I could not wait to start taking pics with it.  Here are a few that I took of the kids.  Keep in mind, I only used the auto setting and I'm no professional.     I also don't have software to edit photos so these are just straight from the camera...

I say "smile!" and this is what I get ;)
sleepy head...  This one turned out a little bit yellow, but I love his face in it.
She loves getting her picture taken.  I wonder where she gets it from?

The only one with Ethan in it... He's squinting or has his eyes closed in all the pics I took of him!

Love the light in this one.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Garbage Can Bag Holder Upper Tutorial

Good Morning Friends.
I hope that you are enjoying your summer!  Yesterday my grandma and grandpa took me, my kids and two of my cousins to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  It was fun.  I'm so blessed that my kids can still do things with their GREAT grandparents.  How rare that is.

Yesterday morning I was emptying the trash cans around the house.  I got to the one in my powder room and thought, "wow this thing is gross".  I bought a metal trash can a couple of years ago and it now has rust spots on it.  I now put garbage bags in it, but it looks kind of ugly.  Honestly, it looks really ugly.  I thought of a way to make it look a titch cuter ;)  A garbage can bag holder upper for your little garbage cans.  Now, I know that usually, little garbage cans don't need help in this area.  The sides of the bag hang so low outside there is no danger of the bag falling in and you needing to reach in through snotty kleenex, q-tips and heavens know what else the kids may toss in.  This is more cosmetic.  Do I have better things to do than dress up my garbage cans?   Am I concerned that when my kids grow up they will bring up the summer mom spent making crazy crafts?  Eh.  Not really.

So, here you go.
A tutorial to beautify your little cans.  Garbage cans, that is.
First, what you'll need:
Measure around the top of your garbage can and subtract an inch or two.  That's how much elastic you'll need.  I used 3/4 inch wide.
3 inches wide by double the length of the elastic.  In my case 45 inches or so.
*Thread, safety pin

 Step one... Take your fabric cut 3 inches by whatever length is double your elastic and fold it in half so that the right sides are together.  Iron it.
Step two... Sew the long raw edge with 1/4" seam allowance.  Be sure to double stitch each end a couple of times.

Step three (or the annoying step as I like to call it)...  Turn the fabric right side out.  Using the wrong end of a knitting needle to help feed the fabric through helps me.  It will take 5 minutes at least.

Step four...  Pin the end of the elastic.  Feed it through the fabric "tube" making sure you hold one end so that it doesn't get lost in the middle.

Step five... Sew the end without the pin to the fabric with a 1/2 inch (or so) of elastic sticking out.
Sew the the other side of the elastic to the end you just finished.  Triple stitch.

Step six...  Do your best to fold the end of the fabric tube under and sew it over the raw elastic.

Step seven... You are DONE.  Strap it to your can.  I put a  fabric flower on mine to make it even more fabulous.
Here's the garbage I made it for.  As you can see it needed a little help.

It even matches the decor on my cute little powder room shelf ;)

The best part is you can wear it on your head when it's not on the garbage can.  Just kidding.

I wanted to show off the dslr my friend Rachel over at Divine Image Photography  let me borrow.  I'm so so so excited to learn how to use it.  I took pics of the kids yesterday.  I'll show them to you tomorrow perhaps ;)
In the meantime.  Have fun dressing up your trash cans.

Linked up at House of Hepworths, Chic on a Shoestring Budget, Tidy Mom, Shabby Nest,
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