Monday, May 30, 2011

V-Blog #3: What do you like about summer?

Super short video blog today...  My fav things about summer... Tell me yours!

Disclaimer:  My freckle stache isn't as bad as I make it seem...


  1. My summer favorites are flip-flops, reading in the sun, picnics and concerts on the lawn at Ravinia, and sangria. And no school! Gotta love being a teacher :)

  2. boy, you're good on camera!!! i could never do that! summer means: hot hot hot weather. i don't like cold, but i can take any high temperature and even humidity doesn't bother me :)
    being tan... no need to make up and look instantly happier and prettier
    and full loads of gelato. there's the whole winter to be on a diet.
    :) have a great memorial day !

  3. Your vlog made me smile!!! Let's see summer means I'm loving flip flops with freshly painted toenails and sumer dresses, and iced tea and a good book by the pool! Now I'm off to find you and follow you on pinterest! Blessings to you ... your newest follower jules from bles-id. (I linked up my popsicle stick bracelets!)

  4. Movies in the park, picnics, bbq,music festivals, camping,greenery, 4th of july, everyones in a better mood, tans, cold beer tastes so much better in the summer, eating outside, gardening, riding my bike, north ave beach, and being more social, to name a few.


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