Monday, May 23, 2011

V-Blog #2: Weirded Out

Hey Friends,
I produced another video blog for this week.  Today's topic:  weirdness.   None of us are normal.  We all have different degrees of weirdness and quirks that make us who we are.  In this vblog, I share my oddities in hopes that you will share yours too (as long as it's not too weird).

*Clear braces were creepy on Jordan Knight.  Don't be offended if you have them or did have them.
*If you have a dress up goose on your front porch or ever did, weird.


  1. Tina you are so crack me up, A childhood thing of mine is when I was about in 2nd grade I had to fill out a sheet on where I lived address,phone number you get the jist well it asked for what planet you lived on....yeah I put Mars untill this day my family teases me about it :)

  2. made me laugh really hard. You're so funny. Gotta love a quick witted funny woman! Thanks for doing this. I thought for a quick second that I might do the same but am just not that open. Chicken, I know! Have a good week.

  3. Michelle BelgianoMay 23, 2011 at 11:46 AM

    1)New Kids On the Block = awesome always and forever!
    2)Geese - agreed
    3)you got some funky armpits friend
    4)My weirdness is,I keep tweezers were ever I have a mirror. One in each bathroom and one in the car. I love twee-zing! I get extremely excited to find a stair hair!
    5)I wish I could have been your childhood friend. Your stories sound hilarious! You still are!!!

  4. you sure are weird!! i have no weirdnesses.where u been??? why aren't you talking to me?!

  5. Tina - You totally crack me up! You're not alone...I also blame my headaches on the weather changes! :)

  6. You are definitely weird. That's why I love you!! =) Although that armpit thing has me rethinking our friendship....

  7. Hilarious! I hate hearing people chew and sucking fingers, too! Drives me crazy...and humming!! Why on earth do people have to hum in public? So awful! Thanks for a fun post.

  8. Oh. My. Word. You are hilarious...and totally weird. Just teasing! We should be friends! :D

    So I suppose I should share my weirdness with you now since you shared yours.

    1. I carried my baby blanket until I was 18 and cried when I lost it on vacation. Maybe that's a little over the top but I thought I'd share it! :)

    2. I absolutely hate hot chocolate. Unless it's mixed with coffee.

    3. I love the smell of books. Sometimes I will go to the library just so I can smell it.

    Thanks for the fun post! I really enjoyed it!

  9. Michelle, I'm a hummer in public sometimes...
    Stephanie, I had my baby blanket until I got married!
    Lina-you're the weirdest person I know.
    Michelle-tweezers everywhere-brilliant.

  10. You are so funny! Great job on the video blog! Loving it! I'll be sure to follow along!

    1. Weird thing about me is that I can't wear a shirt twice, without washing it!

    Weird, yes... but that is me!
    Keep it up girl!

  11. Love this! hahaah - hmmm weirdness...I'm sure I have a ton of examples... Pet peeve is when someone uses the word "irregardless"
    I do love the cross-eye thing you do - that's pretty awesome.
    I love your uniqueness!
    I like hot chocolate powder on vanilla ice cream!
    I also enjoy driving a stick-shift car.

  12. Yay for carrying baby blankets! I would totally still have mine if it hadn't gotten lost. It was heartbreaking.

  13. Yes, you are definitely weird, but that's what makes you so darn loveable.
    Physical - I have long legs and short arms. I will never be able to touch my toes.
    Pet Peeve- people who let their socks hang off their toes. Ah! Socks should be tight to the feet, no sloppy and loose.
    And I second loving the one cross-eye. Don't be ashamed, "baby you were born that way."

  14. You are hilarious!! I can not stand hearing any crunch food. My husband does it ever night with a bowl of the crunchiest cereal. I feel like I am going to go into spasms with every chew!!

    You made my day!

  15. LOL! Hope you got the sleeves.

    My weirdness: I talk to myself A LOT!

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