Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nuts about Nautical-Rope Necklace Tutorial

Ahoy there mateys (insert Popeye the Sailor Man music)!

If you're here from the  What I Wore Wednesday party, welcome!  I am doing a tutorial today of "What I Wore"!  My nautical rope necklace!

The outfit isn't spectacular but the necklace is ;)  Whole outfit is from forever 21 and the shoes?  Click here for info ;)

I don't know about you, but I'm cuh-razy about navy.  I'm into the nautical trend that's going on now.  My favorite color to wear has always been navy.
Yesterday, I posted a few necklaces that inspired me to go and make my own.  Here they are, in case you forgot ;)

Anthro $248

Topshop- $40

Momma Go Round-Tutorial Here
My goal was to spend less than $10 smackeroos.  By golly, I spent HALF that! The Anthro necklace was $248.  What in Sam Elliot is going on here?!?

So with out further ado, my very own Nautical Necklace Tutorial...

Supplies needed:
Spool of Navy Grossgrain Ribbon 5/8" wide-$1 at Hobby Lobby
Spool of "rope" 7.9MM thick-$1 at Hobby Lobby
 Gold and Silver Chain with Wide Loops-10 inches long each
(I bought this clearance necklace at Target for $3.50 and took off two strands)...

Fabric Glue (I had on hand but you can buy for $2.50 with coupon at Hobby Lobby or Joanns)
Time:  Less than a half hour 
Total: $5.50

Cut a 50 inch piece of rope.  Tape the ends so that they don't untwist (why I have a picture of this is just funny to me so I had to put it in).
Cut a 64 inch piece and two 4 inch pieces of ribbon.

Lay your two chains together.

 Begin by taking one end of the rope and sliding it through the end of the chains.  Leaving 7 inches or so on the end, tie a knot (just one tie) around the end of the chain to hold them in place.

Now, take the rope and begin to tie loops around the chains.  It's sort of annoying because the rope starts out super long, but it gets shorter as you go, I promise.  As you are tying the loops ensure that they are tight and that they are the same distance apart as you go.

Once you reach the end of the chains, slide the loose end of rope through the last chain links and tie a knot like you did on the other side.  It's not that time consuming.  If you don't like the way it looks, do it again! (I did!).

After you tie your knot, cut the rope ends so that they're even, leaving at least 6 inches of rope on each side.  Re-tape if you cut, then cut half the tape off so that the tape doesn't show after the next step.

Take your ribbon and slide one end through one side of the rope loop.  Slide it all of the way through.  You're not really weaving it as much as pulling it so that it stays on one side of your chains.  Look at the pic and see what I mean.

 Pull the end of the ribbon through so that the ends meet up at the top
Now, take the 4 inch piece of ribbon and put a line of fabric glue on it. 
This is my most unfavorite part.  Dealing with glue has never been a love of mine.  But this is the last step, so stay strong!  Take the glued ribbon and wind it around the sections of the necklace where the rope ends.  Make sure that it's as tight as you can make it and make sure that the ribbon (that's part of the necklace) bends inward over the rope.

After this burn the ends of the ribbon so that it doesn't fray.
And that's it!  Fabulous!

If you have questions, please feel free to email me!
I'm off to swab the poop deck.  That's the kind of job I have around here. ;)


  1. Very cute! I'll have to try it - I love the nautical trend too.

  2. Wow! I LOVE this! Definitely using it as inspiration and adding it to my Pintrest:

  3. very creative.

    i love me some nautical too.

  4. Great pun - the poop deck. Love it.

  5. Very cute, I love navy too!


  6. Hi from your newest google and facebook follower/s, would love if you could pop by, karima from

  7. super cute!! can't beat that cost and it's cuter than the Anthro one ;)
    and I am a huge sucker for navy (it was one of my main wedding colors!)
    i'm your newest follower!!! & would love for you to come on over to mine and follow along if you wanna :)

  8. Am a new follower from MBC, I love this post! The necklace turned out beautifully!, thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Love your blog. Can we follow each other?

  10. I love this. I am terrible at knots but have been wanting to make myself a nautical necklace or bracelet. Thanks for linking up and grabbing the button. I will be posting your give away on Monday. I had a great turn out for the link party, it is still going strong, over 250 links, hopefully next week will be even better. I will be promoting your give away too at next weeks party. PS, I am also going to do a special give away of my own just for linkers. See you soon.


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