Monday, May 16, 2011

In Other News...

Hey all! No written blog today.   My first video blog of three random things of note ;)
It's only 2 minutes long.  Hope you'll watch!

The documentary I mention, "God Grew Tired of Us," is available for instant view if you're a Netflix subscriber...


  1. Didn't watch Survivor until last week, but did watch the first episode that Boston Rob was in...yes, everybody can act one way here and another way there. He played the game like most everyone does. Unfortunately our culture says lie cheat and steal to get ahead and thats how most played it. How he is at home...dunno, but he has a wife that loves him and 2 children so he can't be any worse than you or me...we are all sinners, GASP, yes I know, so shocking, anyhoo, Tina-love the video blog!

  2. You can totally act a certain way in one situation and have it not be who you are. I'm like that when I'm working. There is work Daisie, who is a complete perfectionist know it all who people dont really like but know she'll get the job done. Then there is the real Daisie, who can't complain that her food is burnt at a resturant because she doesn't want the waiter to think she's a pain in the ass. Also, people on reality (yeah right) shows like that have to play the part if they want to last in the competition. They will get booted if they're not interesting. I love the vlog! You are so funny!

  3. I think that those shows manipulate people and who they really are. I also believe they bring out the worst in people, which is generally why I don't watch. (NOt passing judgment on those who do! :-) I am a Gemini - I have two distinct personalities, no doubt. I think that society is such that there are situations that you need to "perform" a certain way, but this should never compromise who you really are as a person. It sounds to me like this character joined the show because they had some soul searching to do.

    Love the new video-blog. Would love to view the movie you mention "God Grew..." and possibly inspire my adolescent charges with hope and teach them that there IS something bigger than THEM in our world!! Oh that adolescent frontal lobe!!! Can I get it another way? (We're not a Netflix family.)

    BTW: How did you keep Drew from crashing your vlog? I expected to see him jumping down from behind you with a sword and a cape! :-) Or was Drew holding the camera????

  4. Beth, It's 7.99 on amazon or you could check the library? My mac has a camera built in, so that's what I used and Drew was napping :)


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