Monday, May 9, 2011

20 Minute Tuesday!!!

Hi There!  Welcome to the second edition of 20 minute Tuesday.  If you're here to post a link, thanks so much for coming by and linking up!  The instructions and linky tool are at the bottom of this post...

Here is my "20 minute Tuesday" project (it took a little longer but it was kind of a trial and error process!)...

I decided at the 11th hour to MAKE my grandma and my mom their mothers day gifts.  I made my grandma a burlap runner like the one I showed you how to make a couple of weeks ago...

I had bought a wreath and doilies at the dollar store with plans of making an ever popular burlap wreath like everyone else in creative blog land ;)  I made up my own since I didn't see any that could be done in a quick amount of time.
I cut the burlap that I had into three inch wide strips and wrapped it around the wreath.  I kept cutting strips until the wreath was completely wrapped (maybe 4 or 5 strips?).
I then used three strips to make large burlap rosettes.  I glued them onto the wreath.  I cut the doily in half and glued one half to to the sides of the rosettes.
My mom has a summer place in Wisconsin and the colors are yellow and blue so I used those colors in her wreath.

Here's where my wreath is different from all the others... You can MOVE and CHANGE the flowers anytime you want!  The blue flowers I used have alligator clips attached and since the burlap on the wreath has been overlapped, it works GREAT!  You could make one wreath and change the flowers as the seasons change or holidays come.   Plus, you can use them as barrettes in your girly's hair ;)

Flowers clustered at bottom...

Or with two near the top!

There you go!

For my linky party guests...
Here are the guidelines:

You are more than welcome to link up if...

  • Your project cost less than $10
  • Your project took 20-30 minutes-ish
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Sweet Floweret

I will be doing a linky party wrap up featuring my favorite posts on Thursday.  Thanks so much!


  1. That is SERIOUSLY cute! I LOVE the colors, but especially love that you can switch them out! I'm always thinking of making a wreath for some holiday whatnot but never do it in time, with this I could just switch out rosettes to match the holiday! LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing ... and for hosting!

  2. So cute! Happy Mother's Day!

    Swamped! UGH!!!!

  3. Your wreath is Lovely! I Love that it can be changed up for the various seasons (or random whims!)
    Thanks for inviting me to your great new linky party! I'm already thinking up something for next week! :)

  4. You did a beautiful job on your wreath! Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting! Linked up a wallet/gift card holder craft!

  5. Thanks for inviting me to your site and link party. What beautiful, fun projects you have here!

  6. Love this link up! so many great ideas : ) thanks so much for stopping by Strawberry sky's! I'm a new follower too : )

  7. Thanks for hosting this link up and I love your blog! Keep up the great work and I'll see you next Tuesday:)

  8. totally meant to link up after your comment on my blog! Maybe next time! Love all the projects and your sweet wreath!


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