Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Trip to Ireland-Day 1 and 2

“There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.”

Our trip alone to Ireland was great.  We had a wonderful time seeing many of the sites and spending some much needed quality time together, but nothing beats getting home to your place of comfort and most of all being with those precious to you!

Over the next couple of days, I will share some pics of our 6 day adventure.  If I squeezed all of my favorite pics into one, it would likely be too long!

We left last Sunday morning.  Our flight went through NYC and we had an 8 hour stopover there.  8 hours in an airport?  No thanks!  We took an airport bus to Grand Central Station and walked around for a couple of hours.  I felt like I was in the Amazing Race walking super fast trying to see some sites knowing we had to make it back to the airport by 7pm!
We walked down to the Empire State Building since we wanted to go up top but the wait was over an hour so we had to skip it.  We then went to Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Radio City and then back to Grand Central in plenty of time to catch a ride back to the airport.  Joe found a joint with .99 pizza pie.  It wasn't too bad!
On the phone with my mom

Our flight to Ireland left at 10pm and arrived in Shannon at 930am (they are 6 hours ahead).
We picked up our rental car and hit the road.  Joe was the driver thank heavens.  In Ireland you are on the opposite side of the car on the opposite side of the road!  Talk about a challenge!  He had only 2 hours of sleep on the plane.  He was tired and we couldn't check in to our house until 2pm.  We decided to go to the Cliffs of Moher since it was a lovely day and there wasn't much else we could do!  First, we took a 45 minute nap in the parking lot...

We "snuck" past the sign and walked for a long while

It was a little hazy out, but still amazing

 I run with some ladies from church on Sunday morning.  We meet by a place called Durty Nelly's... Well, here's the original!  it was a pub for the knights of Bunratty castle in the 15 century.
We had dinner here the first night.
 The place we stayed was a 3 bedroom town duplex.  When we got in, I hunted for a phone so that I could call home and make sure that they knew we were safe and sound.  No phone!  No hairdryer!  No coffee maker!  EEK. I was a little irked (blame it on the long two days of travel!).  We were in bed by 8pm that first night!

Day 2...  We found a "mall" that had these internet kiosks.  It was 1 euro for 10 minutes.  I was thankful to be able to communicate with home.  They also had a cafe there so I was able to get me some coffee.  Phew.
 This castle (called Dromoland) was nearby so we drove onto the grounds.  It's now a hotel.  President George W stayed there  in 04.  It was gorgeous and the grounds were so much fun to wander.

We discovered this little shelter built into the hill.  Reminded me of Frodo Baggins home.

Such pretty grounds!

Mooooo-ve along!

This is how the roads were.  One lane wide but two directions of traffic are supposed to be able to pass one another?!?!
 During our drive from Dromoland to a town called Ennis, we happened upon these ruins of a monastery.  I don't even know what they're called but we stopped and looked around.

Typical city street.  This is in Ennis.
 Our last stop of the day was Bunratty castle.  It was right near where we stayed.  It was built in 1425. Looks pretty good for being 600 years old, eh?  We were able to walk around the inside.  There was original furniture and other objects for viewing. 
15th century chair

The doorways in the castle were just a tad higher than this one.  They were a lot shorter back then!

My leprechaun...  ha. 

At the grocery store, I found my FAVORITE treat that I remember from living in Scotland.  Tunnock's Tea Cakes.  It made my day ;)


  1. I commented earlier but when I came back later I didn't see it. :( Any who, welcome back! It looks like you and Joe had a great trip! How fun that you ate at Durty Nelly's! Did you feel like going for a run afterward? ;)

  2. What fabulous pictures! I can't wait to hear more about your trip. I definitely want to talk with you in person (or by phone) before my trip to Great Britain in June. All of my guidebooks warn against driving in the areas I am planning to visit, so I want to hear all about your road experiences...even though I will probably play it safe and take coaches and trains around England. The guidebooks point out just what you did...single lane roads with cars going in both directions, many rural roads unmarked and unlit, and lots of roundabouts. I'm just not sure I'd be that brave!

  3. So happy to hear you had a great trip and made it back safely! Awesome photos - looks like a blast.
    I'll check out the rings on etsy. Did I miss a March Madness thing? Busy at a Daisy meeting - oh well.

    Glad you're back.

  4. I went to school for study abroad at the University of Limerick so you were totally in my neck of the woods being at Shannon/Bunratty/Ennis. Makes me miss it! :)

  5. I absolutely love it! :) thanks :)Great pictures


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