Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ireland Day 5 and 6

These are the last two days of the trip!
Day 5...
Our first stop of the day was Cahir Castle.  It was built in the 13th century and is one of the largest in Ireland.  This day was the only one that the weather was ugly.  It was super windy and 20 degrees colder than the other days.

Can you see Joe scaling the castle wall?

A cell down inside one of the towers... Creepy.  I don't know how one could survive a week in one of those cells!

The only day I fix my hair and it was crazy windy. 

 After spending the morning exploring the castle, and hiking a trail near the castle, we drove to the Rock of Cashel.  The existing buildings that remain were built in the 11th century.  St. Patrick baptized a king here in the 5th century.  It was very interesting but sort of creepy to visit during the gray, blustery day.

The one of two pics of us together...  In a graveyard. How romantic.

I was cold.

 Here is a pic of what our house looked like.
Day 6:
We did a drive a lake called "Lough Derg".  We made some stops along the way.
This dog followed us for a while.  Oh, and it's a good pic of me sporting my fab deal :)  Boat shoes.

I don't even remember the name of this house.  This is the back.

I wanted to see the front.

Here's the pic I took while in the tree

I wanted to get a pic of Joe in the driver seat of the teeny tiny car.  He did a phenomenal job driving the opposite side of the car and road than we're used to!

It was a great time.  I'm glad to be home and back into the swing.  I would be remiss if I didn't mention the amazing job that my parents did taking care of the three kids (there was no doubt!).  We came home to a spotless house with all of the laundry done and not a dish to wash.  How amazing is that?   The kids have talked about their time with grandma and grandpa A LOT since we've been home.  "Grandpa gave us juice!  We went to McDonalds a lot!  We ate lots of candy!"  Thanks mom and dad xoxo.


  1. Hi Tina, Looks like a fantastic trip. I really enjoyed your pictures.

    Bonnie Hartian

  2. Wonderful pix, Tina! I noticed the shoes in the pic before I read the caption! ;) Thanks for sharing your trip with us! :)

  3. Looks like you had lots of fun! I'm glad you took lots of pictures to post for us. =) Glad you're home now though!!

  4. What a great trip! Hope your time away was fab!

  5. Fabulous photos! Grandma & Grandpa are the great! Did they feed them chocolate cake?


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