Friday, April 29, 2011

Fabulous Find Friday

My fab finds today are blogs! That's right. I found this blog yesterday. It's called grosgrain fabulous and she's posting 30 free patterns in 30 days! If you're a sewer like me, this will make your day. You should go over and check out days 1 through 5. Seriously cute things that will inspire you!
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These knot shorts from day 4... SO cute.  I want a pair for myself however, they are meant for wee ones so I'll have to make them for Ella...
 The second blog I had posted onto my facebook page and have heard back from many saying they love this site.  It's called
IHeart Organizing

Check out her kids playroom!
Here's a link to her etsy store where she sells amazing and adorable list blanks and charts to help you get your home on track.  Love it.
I am J to the EALOUS of her office space.
Lastly, I stumbled upon this blog...
The Lettered Cottage

I LOVE her style.  Check out these before and after pics of her master bedroom.
I want that room.   
Hope you enjoyed these today.  Please share any fab finds you have... Food, clothes, blogs, ANYTHING! 
Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. I hate that "i heart organizing" blog. Actually I love it. It just makes me feel ashamed and like I don't know where to start.

  2. iheartorganizing is my second favorite blog to check. Rachel she has a post on "where to start" - I feel your shame. I too am overwhelmed by my lack of organization and feel buried in papers, tasks and the everyday stuff. Definitely doing the school paper thing and have been trying to immediately recycle the mail that is garbage. Happy weekend!

  3. Amazing blog finds! My aunt started blogging and she covers topics ranging from crocheting to frugality to food:
    Check it out! -Leslie

  4. Leslie! Your Aunt is great. She leaves comments all of the time. She told me she was your aunt but I know a couple of Leslie's so I wasn't sure... ;) I refer to her as Mrs. M.

  5. Are there really people that organized out there? Kind of makes me ashamed. I can't keep any space neat for more than about 5 minutes. And I have no kids! (Well, one really large 50-year-old who has a lot to answer for in the untidiness department.)

    P.S. Glad you like the comments. As a new blogger, I'm thrilled when anyone responds to a post, so I'm trying to comment as I would be commented by. :)

  6. Nice to meet ya Tina! :-D Thanks so much for including us in your round-up!

  7. Thanks so much for the sweet shout out! I am honored to be mentioned in your post of finds!! :)



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