Thursday, March 24, 2011

Turn that frown upside down

Bad: It snowed last night.
Good: I got to wear my Uggs again.

Bad: I'm going to the dentist last minute for a sore tooth.
Good: I have teeth.

Bad: I'm too busy this month.
Good: I'm not bored.

Bad: I gave my son a sucker so he's not taking his nap.
Good: He'll go to bed early tonight.

Bad: I didn't return a movie I rented for a whole week.
Good: It's ok. It was through Netflix.

Bad: I haven't started packing for my trip.
Good: I'm going on a trip.

Bad: I haven't seen my husband all week.
Good: I'll be with him alone for 192 hours next week.

Bad: I can't really think of anything else.
Good: I can't really think of anything else.

 See you tomorrow for fab find Friday! It will be my first attempt at having a "Link Up" at the bottom, so link up if you have a fairly recent blog post on something you found that was a fab find!


  1. Please take care of your teeth so they don't end up looking like your mom's "teeth!" ;)

    Thanks for the reminder to look for the positive things in frustrating situations. The Lord often uses those situations to remind us to lean on Him and not ourselves!

  2. Bad: Accepting a service project during a super busy week.

    Good: Students willing to pitch in whenever they can to get it done.

    How'd the dentist go? Are you going to be posting from the Land o'Leprechauns?

  3. Bad: I have so much laundry to do
    Good: I have clothes to wear!


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