Thursday, March 17, 2011

Running on Empty? Run with Me Today ;)

One of the things I love, love, love about spring is the ability to run outside instead of at the gym.  Treadmill=boring.  I also love that it gives me some quality time with my kids.
I did run outside in the winter in the snow but only on a rare occasion because I couldn't push the burley through it.
Today was the first run of the year with Drew!  I was so excited.
This is the best one I could get.  I was trying to get him to smile.  Not sure what this is expressing!
Many times last year,  I thought about taking pictures of my trail run because I think it's so beautiful. Today, I did just that!  It's still pretty brown out there, but I figure I can take "after" pictures when the leaves come and the grass changes to green. It's hard to believe that it looks so rural two blocks from my house.
I live just 25 minutes or so from Chicago city limits.  Our area is suburban but I never would've guessed that there was such a long a trail with this much open space.  And once the Palatine trail hits up with the forest preserve trail, you can go for miles and miles.
Our run is usually 3 miles with the "blue" park being the halfway point.  Change of plans today.  You'll see why!

So kick off your shoes, grab a shamrock shake and follow me!

Just two blocks from my house is where the trail begins...

This is the bridge where I found a $60 Saks Fifth Ave. gift card while running in the snow a couple months ago!  Who says running doesn't pay?

My view looking down :)

A little stream

I love the duck crossing sign...

After about a mile... The trail is flooded.  No worries! 

We turn around and pass the bus prison?  No, it's the Palatine public school transportation hub.

Our new destination.

He looks so little up there!

Back to running.  See the park off to the right?  This field houses FIVE baseball diamonds and SIX soccer fields.  It's HUGE!

This is one of those water drainage things.  What are they called again? 

Final stretch.  I decided to run the burley through the grass.  Ugh.
So that's that!   We were diverted but it was still a great run.  And you probably burned off that shamrock shake.
I feel great and I didn't have to drive anywhere to get my workout in!
I know a lot of you are runners.  Tell me your favorite thing about running!


  1. Today was a great day for a run! Becky and I ran this morning and it was so warm! We want to run on the trail once it's lighter in the mornings. It looks like you and Drew had a nice morning.

    My favorite thing about running is running on Sunday mornings with friends ;) and great conversation and coffee afterward. :)

  2. So jealous!!! The last two days I've been wishing to get outside for a run! We'll have to join you for a bike ride sometime on the trail. Or we could run if I used your double & you used my single jogger.
    Way to go!

  3. Okay ladies, I'm so not a runner; every time I try my hips, knees and ankles hurt a lot. However, I enjoy many other forms of exercise and was thrilled to take it outside today. Joy and I enjoyed a brisk walk to the park to play; our neighborhood is hilly so pushing the stroller and "bookin it" felt great. Yay for Spring!

  4. Diane! I had that exact thought this morning about the strollers and didn't call you because I had to get done early so that I could get some errands done ;( next time.
    I hope that you ladies don't stop commenting when the giveaway is over.
    I love reading them!

  5. I love the runner's high and when I finally hit my stride...aaahh it feels like I can fly!

  6. Tina we must live really close to eachother because that's my trail :) I'll try to avoid running you over with my bike this spring!

  7. Emily, that's great! I didn't know we lived so close.


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