Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Dollar Girls Bike Basket

I was inspired by the weather to head to the dollar store and search for things I could use to make some springy decor for the house.
Over the next couple of days I will show you what I've come up with (if they turn out cute, that is!).

I'm very excited about today's project.  ANYONE can do this.  It takes FIVE minutes.  I was perusing the Easter stuff and came across little girl Easter dress items.  They had these a-dorable basket purses (lots of different colors).

My idea?  Turn it from a purse, into a bike basket.  My 5 year old girl needed one for her purple bike.

Here's how you do it...

Buy your basket purse for a dollar.

Cut the straps off.

Use a lighter to burn the edges.  It will prevent the ends from fraying.  Magical I know.

Slide the ends through a few layers of the basket.

Tie onto bike.

Viola!  Cutest bike basket.  Ever.
Stay tuned for tomorrows project ;) Tip Junkie handmade projects
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  1. You are too creative! I want to take you shopping with me! ~becky

  2. The girls will love this one! They've been asking to take their bikes down from the garage attic for the last two weeks. We've got the spring "bug" too.

  3. That is really cute!!! What a great idea!

  4. So cute! Now, if only I had a girl to make one for! I'm thinking my boys won't be too keen on having a flowery basket on their bikes. ;)

  5. Way to go on craft gossip! ~b.

  6. What a great idea! Check out the second-hand store if you don't want to use something new!

  7. This is a great idea. I found some of these baskets last year and I did a makeover on them. I still have a couple tucked away in the cupboard so I might try this out. Thanks.

  8. What a brilliant idea! You are a clever crafter!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog.

    $40 store credit to get a drawstring backpack with an adorable applique, great from summer camp and trips and lovely spring hair accessories for girls. You just have to leave a comment to win.

  9. This is such a fun idea! I would love to feature it on my blog, Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!

  10. Thank you so much for this great idea! You saved me from buying the ugliest $13 princess basket... Katie


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