Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making a Birthday Special

 In just a few days, my little girl is going to be FIVE.  I can't believe it.  Time has flown by way too fast!
Gone are the days of my bald baby.  It was two years before she got a lick of hair.
5 days old and smiling already ;)
She potty trained herself right after turning two.  She was talking and telling people that she was three years old at 18 months.  Her nickname started as "princess" and then morphed into "sis" and now it's "miss".

She's full of spunk.  Being wedged in between two boys has given her an edge that I both love and sometimes don't!
We were at a birthday party a couple of weeks ago and my sister in law said she was upset at another little boy for some reason.  When my SIL asked, Miss said, "that little boy hit my brother and didn't apologize!"
Oh, Miss. Ever the conduit of justice.

"I did something bad" look I got used to doing the toddler years
OK, I'm going to pause in reminiscing and get to the point!  As a mom, I like to make birthdays a big deal.  It's one day a year I can focus on the birthday girl or boy and make them feel SUPER special.  Or hope to anyway.
So here's what I do and I'd love to hear your ideas, too.
*Last year, I found this birthday countdown cupcake that you keep on the fridge.  It's so cute.  I usually begin the countdown around 2 weeks before the big birthday.  The kids love it.
*The night before the big day, my husband and I decorate the birthday boy/girl's door with balloons and streamers.  Miss remembered last years, and she's given us the specifications for this year.
*I like to make their birthday cakes.  I ask them what kind of cake they want and do my best to make it happen.  I did a post on making birthday cakes... Here's the link...  I enjoy this sort of thing.  It's time consuming but the kids love it and even though the cake may not look professional, it tastes amazing ;)

*I found this plate at HomeGoods.  The birthday kid gets to use it for their cake.
*Finally, they get to pick what they want me to make for dinner.  Miss wants bacon, pancakes and eggs.  I can do that.

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  1. I love seeing your birthday traditions! Thanks for sharing! I became a follower of your blog!



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