Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If you can cut and glue you can make this: a-dorable flower necklace

Hey party people.   I don't know why I just said that.  Perhaps it's the post-diet-coke stupor I'm in.
Yes, stupor.  I drink the diet coke to get some pep.  Then after 20 minutes of pep, I'm stupor-fied.
Any-chow.  Chow.  Ha.

I found inspiration for the necklace below from this site.  In fact, you can use the site for instructions on how to make the flowers.

Summary:  Find an old t-shirt or go buy one from the $1 store (that's what I did). Get your glue gun out.
Need a sheet of fleece and a chain (I bought a 30 or 36" and cut it in half).
Cut t-shirt into small circles.  A TON (I did 45).  The same size.  You'll need 8 circles per flower.  Cut "petals" around each circle.  I used a sewing machine to stitch them together, but you can hand stitch them too.
Taking a picture of one's chest is not as easy as it looks.

I only did 5 flowers for my necklace.  I'm not the 20 flowers around your neck kind of girl.

Using fleece, cut out the shape (2x) you want the necklace to be.
Glue the flowers on.  Trim away excess fleece.
Buy a chain and glue the ends in between the fleece layers that you're using for the base of the flowers.  If you do it this way, make sure the chain is long enough to get over your noggin'.

Badah bing.  Badah bag.

I've received lotso compliments and you will too.  Make one during spring break.  You'll have fun.
You may burn your fingers with the glue gun, but it'll be worth it.  I promise.  I realize I was a little bossy, but it's all for your own good.
Questions?  Email me or leave a comment.  You know I love comments.

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  1. Cute! Although I like your other flower necklace better! (I really want to win that one...notice all of the comments this month?) :)

  2. love it!!!! i like your version... its a little less gawdy {we sort of like things gawdy if you couldn't tell!} we might share this if you don't mind... i think its a great option especially if you dont want to spend a million yrs cutting out circles! super cute!


  3. very cute! But I also like your version better, classier, more refined.

  4. Hey Selina,
    Please feel free to share! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Thanks Jen and Annie.

  5. Is this part of the spring line? 8-)

  6. Really pretty necklace, Tina. I like the way the pink looks against your black & white striped shirt, too. Thanks for the warning on the glue gun... I tend to burn myself... a lot:)

    Visiting from Tip Me Tuesday.

  7. Great necklace! I do like the bigger version, but that's cos I like OTT accessories, but yours is a lot more sophisticated. Great work! :)



  8. I'll be trying this one too. Luckily I have a lot of free time and a lot of scrap fabric. I think I might even have some old chains lying around...

  9. I adore this necklace. Truly. I really love the color. I hope you'll stop by and link it up for Make It Wear It thursdays at TheTrainToCrazy.com!

  10. I love the color! So cute!! I featured you on my blog today- head on over and check it out!



  11. Just clicked through from Tidy Mom. Love the necklace. More importantly, I love your sense of humor! I'm bossy too. ;) Now following you!



  12. I love this necklace! so fun. I was your 100th follower!


  13. Coming from TT&J. I love this version, plus that really fits my skills...
    A question though about the flowers: how big are the circles? and do you give each layer a quarter turn to make them so "fluffy"?
    Thanks a million (from a beginner crafter)


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