Friday, March 25, 2011

Fab Find Friday

So my younger sister is my fashionista.  She is a successful hair stylist in the city (Chicago) and is hip it to the hip hip hop.

My sister and me
We look a lot a like and have very similar body shapes.  She can pull things off as far as style goes that I wouldn't think to try.  And then I get a little daring and try it.  If it looks cute on her, it can look cute on me, right?  Which leads me to my purchase this week.  Boat shoes.  In January, I was with my sister in CA and she was sporting her Sperry's.  Of course, she looked cute.

Sperry's are everywhere.  My mom and I went shopping on Sunday and I tried a few pair on.
They were OK, but for $80, I didn't want them to be OK, I wanted to adore them.
We began to walk away Sperry-less and I spotted a knock off for nearly half price.  EXCEPT I liked them better.
Can you guess which pair are Sperry's?

Or Sperry?
You are right if you guessed that the top pair are the originals.  I bought the pair on the bottom for half the price.  I never would've thought these were cute if I hadn't seen my sis' wearing them first.  They may look a little like old man shoes here, but with a pair of skinny jeans and a fun top, they are cute.  I promise ;) (at least on my sister, anyway!)
Who's the fashionista in your life?  Do you have any fab deals to share?  Link up or comment, please.  I love hearing from you.


  1. Ha, I love these too, but would not try to pull off this look. All the young girls that come in our office where can "rock" them I'm sure TIna!

  2. Tina you are way to young. we used to wear boat shoes as our "school shoes"...probably when they were popular the first time around. I think I had royal blue and my sister had green. They were not hip then but definitely cute!

  3. Those are cute, Tina! You can totally pull those off! And,like Tammy, I remember boat shoes the first time around. I think I had a pair of white and navy ones. Lots of fun! :)

  4. I used to have them too but we would do this weird twisty-twirl thing with the laces. I can teach you.

    I will make fun of you every time you wear these and ask, "Are you going boating?" Just kidding, I wont. But I will think it. Because that's the kids of friend I am.

    PS-You didn't say where you got your deal!!

  5. I got them at Macy's!
    Rachael, I hope you do ask if I'm going boating. And then I'll pull your hair. Because that's the kind of friend I am.

  6. I guess this means I wont be winning anything for you March giveaway...but it was so worth it.

  7. I'll have to take your word for it....sorry, not a fan. Had a pair when I was younger. Enjoy yours!

  8. Ohhh, Rachael! I remember doing that twisty thing with the laces! That was the finishing touch that made them cool. :)


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