Friday, March 11, 2011

Fab Find Friday!

Before I get to my somewhat odd fab finds for today, I promised a picture of my cutie pie in glasses...

Today was his first day wearing them to school.  I'm anxious to hear about how he did with them.  He told me yesterday that they bothered his nose.  They'll take some getting used to for sure.

Fab find.
Today I needed to go to Target for bunch of different stuff.  When I have a little extra time, I check out this site to see what deals are going on there and if it's something I need or not.

One of the deals is strange, but worked out well.  It's for a 75 oz. liquid Tide and C9 (Champion) running apparel.  You buy both and get a $5 gift card back.
Well, with the coupons that Jill Cataldo's site helps you locate and the $5 card back, you end up with the 75 oz. liquid Tide, a pair of cotton shorts and a 20oz. bottle of Tide Stain release for just $5.99!  Not bad when the shorts alone are $6 on sale.
Strange but true.
5.99 for this stuff.

They are also doing a $5 gift card deal for Aveeno products.  I love Aveeno and needed both the face wash and lotion.  You can find $1 off coupons for Aveeno at the Target website and look for the coupon link at the bottom of the page.  I printed up three of them, got my two products plus a 2.49 face bar.  You COULD just buy three 2.49 face bars, use 3 coupons and get paid .49 to take them home.

Gina told me to have Drew take a pic of me in my shorts.  Here you go!  Great job Drew.

Odd deals this week but deals nonetheless!

I KNOW at least a couple of my friends found some great deals this week.  Please tell us about them!


  1. E looks so grown up in his glasses! He looks great. :)

  2. First of all...Ethan in those glasses! SO CUTE! Also, wonderful picture of you in the shorts. I'm proud of Drew actually. That's not bad for a two year old! =)

  3. Gina, a pic of you in your fab deal boyf jeans?
    COME ON.

  4. Ethan looks adorable, no fab finds for me this week, I've been a prisoner in my own home with sick children. Hoping to try for the Target deals tomorrow!

  5. Ethan looks so handsome in the glasses. Annika has been saying he was going to wear them the other day but it was a mix up. I'll hear all about it tonight!
    I may have to try for the running shorts - are they cotton or mesh?

  6. The glasses are so cute on Ethan! Studiously cute I would say :) When Maggie first got hers the glasses salesperson taught her a great rhyme... "Keep your glasses on your FACE or in the CASE!" She keeps the case on her nightstand and they rest there while she is sleeping, otherwise they are always on her face. It has worked well with us to abide by that. And also, "Who gets to try on your glasses? NOBODY! They are specially made for me!" ~becky

  7. I wish I could have been at school today when Ethan wore his glasses there for the first time! Instead, I was with some of our older students at the ACSI speech meet. I'll look forward to seeing Ethan wearing them on Monday!

  8. That boy may have a modeling future ahead of him. There is no mistaking which side of the family he gets it from!

  9. Ethan looks just like his dad! So cute!

    Random....totally random deals today! Thanks for sharing.

    Shop & Save has our family's favorite frozen pizzas(Jack's) 5 for $10. I'm looking for a good price on ground chuck. Does anyone know of one??

  10. I don't have a Fab Friday find, but I do have a Saturday savings deal. My 26-year-old blender has been dying, but there's always something else to spend money on besides a new blender. Tonight I went to Kohl's to browse since I had a 30% off coupon PLUS a $10 off postcard (which I think I got because my store is being remodeled). After looking at clothes, towels, and jewelry, I wandered over to housewares. I found a $69.99 blender on sale for $29.99. With my additional 30% off and my $10 off, the blender was a little over $14 with tax. What a great deal! Now I'll be able to make lots of smoothies!


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