Friday, February 4, 2011

Love Banner

I have been wanting to make a fabric banner for my house for quite some time. I was hoping to do one for Christmas, but decided instead to make one for Valentines day because cutting out and sewing the letters for LOVE is much easier than MERRY CHRISTMAS. Call me lazy if you's okay.

I did a google search for "fabric banner" and didn't really come up with many sites telling you how to make one. After a while I realized that's because it's not called a banner. It's called a bunting. Did you know that? I had no clue. So I'm still going to call it a banner...and I'm going to tell you how to make one. 

First you need to cut a triangle for each letter you have in the word you're making. Since I only had 4 letters, I wanted each triangle to be fairly large. I made mine an 11 inch square. 

Next, I folded it in half and cut from one corner to the other, making a triangle. Make sure your fold is to the right of where you are cutting. 

You should end up with a triangle. Cut as many triangles as you need and then cut a felt triangle (same size) to back each of the fabric triangles. Some people don't do this, but I like the way it adds some weight to the banner. Something I will do next time is to either use pinking shears or the rotary cutter blade that is like a pinking shear. That way the edges won't fray at all. 

Now you are ready to do your letters. Choose a font you like and type out your letters, making them as large or as small as you want them to be. Next you need to flip them so that they are backwards. In most Word programs you can just click "mirror" in the edit options. 

Let's pretend that picture is upright, shall we? Next you want to use Heat n Bond Lite and trace your letter onto the paper side. 

Can you see the faint letter through the Heat n Bond paper? It's much easier to see in person. Now cut around the letter, but don't cut it on the line yet. Take each individual letter and iron it to the fabric you want to use for letters. Since I used felt for the letters, I didn't need to worry about which side I used. If you use an actual printed fabric, make sure you iron the letter onto the wrong side of the fabric. Trust me, you won't be happy with yourself if you iron it to the right side. 

Now we're getting close to putting it all together. Cut out the letters and iron them onto each individual triangle. If they are sticking okay you can leave them without stitching, but mine definitely needed some help so I used a zig zag stitch around each letter to hold it in place. Plus, I think it looks nice to have them stitched on. 

Finally, you can sew your letter triangles to your felt ones and sew them onto a trim of your choice. 

That's it! You can totally make this! And think of all the possibilities. I'm seeing lots of Birthday banners (or bunting) in our future. Happy banner making! 


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