Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kitchen Tool Favorites!

Here in Illinois, we are snowed in.  This is day three with all three of my kids home from school.  It's been an adventure to say the least!  I'm getting cabin fever.
I've been doing a lot of odd jobs around the house.  Cleaning closets, crumb filled silverware drawers, cabinets, etc.
While cleaning out my drawers and cabinets, I realized there are certain tools in my kitchen that I can't live without and I thought that I'd share them with you!  I would love to know what tools you use faithfully in yours!

1.  Pampered Chef Micro Cooker 
I use it to steam fresh and frozen veggies in the microwave.  It takes a fraction of the time as doing it on the stove top.  I use this thing almost every day!

2.  Collapsable Colanders
I love these.  I have two and they are different sizes.  When I bought a new set of pots and pans they didn't come with a colander.  I found these at Costco and love that they collapse flat for storage as well as for the dishwasher!

3.  Bar Board
I use this item a number of times a day.  Cutting up fruit, tomatoes, and all those little items that you don't want to pull the big momma board out for.  I think they're only like $6 on amazon!

4.  Mini spatula spoon
I found this at a kitchen shop in California last year and I love it.  I use it to scoop stuff out of jars.  Peanut butter, jelly, miracle whip and the soup that doesn't want to come out of the can.  Great tool.

5.  Pineapple corer/slicer
This tool is fabulous.  You cut the top of your pineapple off then twist this all the way to the bottom.  You pull it out and you have a perfectly coiled pineapple, without the core.  Fresh pineapple. MMMMM.

6.  Kitchen Aid Mixer
Can you believe that I've never known the joy and ease and fun of a stand mixer until last summer?
Gina gave me her old one.  She said it made a funny grinding noise.  Well, it does sometimes, but it works like a charm and I don't know how my poor kitchen has been without one all of these years.

Please share in the comments section your favorite kitchen tool.  If you do, you'll be in the running for a new spatula spoon!


  1. My husband...he does everything. :)

  2. dishcloths and kitchen a newbie to the cooking world....i make a LOT OF MESSES!!!

  3. That is what I need to do-- clean out my kitchen to find some extra space, especially as I have been slowly replacing my kitchen items. Lucky dog to have a Kitchenaide stand mixer-- I have so been wanting one, and really missed not having one during Christmas baking! My favorite kitchen tool? This is untraditional, but I have to say my dishwasher! It keeps all the other items clean and keeps me ready to cook at any time. ;)

  4. Mine would be my kitchen shears. I used them to dice meat, chop fresh herbs, or open packages. They also come apart so they can be washed in the dishwasher. Another favorite is my OXO can opener that takes off the whole top of the can so there are no sharp edges.

  5. I use my mini-whippers from Pampered Chef all the time....I have three or four and am constantly washing them. They are great for mixing up any sauce and liquidy thing you need. Also, my paring knives from Pampered Chef.....have about 8 and usually have most of them in the dishwasher during every load I run.


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