Friday, February 25, 2011

Fabulous Find Friday

And now for the second edition of fabulous find Friday!
I have three things that I think are fabulous finds this week...
I love the Land of Nod.  I don't love the prices.  While at Target last week, I was perusing the kids room decor and happened upon this amazing canvas wall art! Land of Noddish if I do say so myself.  It was half off (paid 12.50).  It's big, too.  Measures 20x20.  It looks great with the moon lamp from Ikea!

Have you been to Michael's lately?  They have a really cute aisle of home decor that I just love.
I purchased this adorable birdcage for 5 bucks.  It looks great on my entry table!  Love.

These glasses are my third find.  I got them while in California.  Nordstroms.  Mens section.  10 bucks.
Can you say Ferris Beuhler? 
I tried to take some pictures of myself modeling them.  Not sure I'll wear them again after seeing myself in these pictures.  Pay no attention to the yucko hair.  I just got home from the gym.

Yes, I'm intentionally a dork.  And no, my bed is not made.

Can't do a modeling shot without the lips.  Notice my taking the pic of myself in the reflection of the glasses?
Tee hee.

Anyone else?  I want your finds.  Would love to have pics to post, too!

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