Monday, January 31, 2011

Love is in the Air

Doesn't the stretch of time between the New Year and Spring seem SO long sometimes? I for one am already looking forward to Spring and I know we have months to go! That's one reason why I love Valentines Day. Something to celebrate and bring some cheer to an otherwise gloomy winter.

I've actually never done much decorating for Valentines Day but decided this year that I really wanted to. I wanted to do something special for my kids because I can still remember the things my mom did to make holidays special for us. I decided that I didn't want to spend a lot of money on things that were only going to be up for a few weeks. So I found a few crafty projects that were really easy and pretty cheap and in a matter of hours we were ready to celebrate!

The first really easy thing I did was to string up some heart shaped paper doilies in red and white. I found a 12 pack at the craft store for a dollar. Then I sewed through the middle of each one using white thread and hung them. Cheap and easy. The only thing I would do differently if I were going to do it again would be to space them closer together. I left a few inches between each one and they tend to flip around and turn upside down. Next time I'll sew them so that they are each touching.

This next thing is so fun, because it was so cheap and it looks so pretty! In fact the only thing I had to buy to make it is the wreath form but with my 50% off coupon, I think it was only $2.50. If you have coffee filters and red food coloring (and a wreath form) you're set to make it too! 

I got this idea from this blog and found it really helpful. First you need to soak coffee filters in hot water with red food coloring. I actually read it wrong and soaked them in coffee with red food coloring and I liked how they turned out. It helps if you have a cute helper like this to push the filters into the baking dish. 

I let them soak for about an hour, drained them and baked at 250 for another hour (or until they are all dry). Then I folded them in quarters, fluffed them a little to make them full and hot glued them to the wreath form. Of course I forgot to take a picture of that step but it was a little hard to glue and take a picture. One thing I would suggest is tying on the ribbon you're going to hang it with before you glue the filters on. Keep glueing until your wreath is full and pretty! 

Doesn't that look cool? Nobody would guess it was coffee filters! Get yourself some supplies and get crafting friends. Add some Valentines love to your house and bring some sun to these grey days! Also come back in a few days and I'll show you how I made my favorite decoration for Valentines day. I think you're going to LOVE it! 



  1. I love these--especially the garland! Maybe next year, I'll take the Christmas tree down early enough to put up Valentine decorations :-)
    I'm Ethan Hodge's wife, btw--he told me you guys had a blog I'd enjoy, and he was right. Boy knows me so well ;-)

  2. Thanks Katie! You guys are so cute...he always has the sweetest things to say about you on facebook. That garland is SO easy to stil have time! =)

  3. Oh Katie that turned out really cute! And by the way, you didn't read my post wrong, I did use both red food coloring AND coffee for some of the filters. I wanted them pink but aged looking and this worked! They were fun and easy to make!


  4. Can't wait to make mine!


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